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Northern Syria imminent elections; despotism is not Syrians’ destiny



NEWS DESK- in light of the gloomy reality of Syrian dreams and meetings organized by the international forces that are somewhat like bazaars and trade-offs, the people of the North and their components are preparing to vote in the second round of the constituent federal system’s tripartite elections.

Meantime, when meetings and forums are being held up and the ranks and blocs are collapsing in order to reproduce the failed structures of the so-called Syrian opposition , while the bazaar of bargaining and bartering is raging against the suffering and pain of the Syrians, the public relations conferences are continuing as it is supposed to solve the Syrian crisis and prepare for new ones. Similar to the repeated Arab drama series of Ramadan, while the regime is trying to rehabilitate itself regionally on the basis of rapprochement with the Turkish regime in the first place, Erdogan’s speech explicitly about the possibility of coordination with Assad on the Kurdish situation northern Syria is a foregone conclusion, the coordination is in full swing and rotation directly between the two parties that bear the brunt of responsibility for the Syrian Holocaust side by side with Tehran.

In light of this bad reality, which ruins the dream of Syrians in a structural democratic transition and a departure from a bilateral military dictatorship or religious terrorism, the peoples of the North and its components are preparing to vote in the second round of the constituent tripartite elections of the federal system in the north, local and municipal councils and councils in the northern federal cantons of Afrin westward through the Euphrates to Al-Jazeera where each region includes two cantons, this means six cantons; paving the way for the transition to the third and final stage at the beginning of next year as scheduled for the general elections in the north of Syria for the election of the federal parliament ” Democratic Peoples Congress” and with the elections of the legislative councils of the three regions, paving the way for the formation of local governments in each region and to form a government federalism emanating from the Democratic Peoples Congress in the promotion of decentralization, which is the only antidote to centralized regimes in our region, which is the root of tyranny.

In light of this electoral momentum and the culture of voting and popularization of the people, the second stage is more diverse in the competing lists for example, there is a list of the Democratic Nation, which includes a wide electoral Kurdish – Arab – Syriac alliance and various components along with other lists and the development of even the electoral methods and mobilization and competition and the appeal of voters and the presentation of manifestos, despite the complexities of the reality surrounding north Syrian from all sides, from Damascus to Tehran to Ankara, where coordination on the most severe among these capitals to abort or at least obstruct the growing experience of Rojava Kurdistan-Northern Syria.