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One month separates rehabilitation of sewage network in al-Tabqa

AL-TABQA– The municipal services office in al-Tabqa west of al-Raqqa province, began a project to rehabilitate the main sewage network in the center of al-Tabqa city.

The project comes after the main sewage network was exposed to sabotage by trenches by IS mercenaries before the liberation of al-Tabqa city by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in early May 2017.

The rehabilitation of the sewage network includes areas in the central market, vegetable market, the second and third neighborhoods, with a distance of 1500 meters, using new cement pipes with a diameter of 40 and 50 cm, according to the co-chair of the People’s Municipality Mohammed al-Jarjnazi.

The rehabilitation of sewage network is expected to be completed within a month and is part of the municipality’s annual plan approved about a month ago.

Apart from the subversive actions of IS mercenaries, the aging of sewage network in al-Tabqa and the lack of regular maintenance by the authorities of the system led to the departure of a large part of them from service.

The project will play a major role in reducing the sanitation problems that have emerged in the past period, especially in the central market of al-Tabqa and will have a positive and effective role in maintaining the healthy environment by reducing the diseases that may result from the continued emergence of sewage problems.