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Opening annual exhibition of Art paintings in Afrin

AFRIN– Aslan Art Center opened in cooperation with Afrin University in Afrin, the seventh annual exhibition under the name “Colors of Afrin” for paintings, with the participation of 25 artists.

With the aim of developing art and encouraging amateurs, Aslan Art Center for Art Paintings opened in cooperation with Afrin University. The annual exhibition, Colors of Afrin, was attended by dozens of students from the University of Afrin Arts and drawing enthusiasts in the canton.


Twenty-five artists from the ages of 10 years to 30 years participated in the exhibition, with a total of 145 paintings exhibited at the University of Afrin. The drawings covered nature, folklore, silent nature, human suffering, childhood and pets.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition began with the opening of the ribbon by the painters. Then the audience walked around the hall and looked at the drawings.

Then the Dean of Afrin University Ahmed Yousef spoke and congratulated the opening of the annual exhibition of paintings to all students and children of the canton.


He also praised the heroic resistance of the people and women’s protection units in defending the canton and praised the martyrs’ sacrifices in establishing security and stability in the region. “Thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, we opened this exhibition and live in peace and harmony”.

The President of Afrin University wished success to all the painters in their work and to continue the development of their art, which is a form of showing the reality of the resistance people on this land.

Then, an administrator distributes at Aslan Art Center, Aslan Mohammed, presented the certificate of excellence to the 145 painters participating in the exhibition.

The exhibition will last for a week.