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Oratory, poetry festival in support of elections

GIRKÊ LEGÊ- The Diplomatic Relations Committee in Girkê Legê has organized an oratory and poetry festival in which a number of Arab poets participated in support of the elections of the communes.GIRKE_MEHRACANE_HELBESTE (4)

In order to support the electoral process and under the slogan “Your participation in the democratic federal elections for north Syria is a moral and national duty and a loyalty to the blood of martyrs,” the Diplomatic Relations Committee in the Democratic Society Movement has organized an oratory and poetry festival in the village of Rmaylan Pasha related to Girkê Legê district.

A number of Arab tribal notables and representatives of civil society organizations participated in the festival, as well as the two co-chairs of the General Relations Committee of the Democratic Society Movement, Abdul Salam Ahmed, Ayhan Murad and a member of the executive committee of the TEV-DEM Badran Çiya.

The festival began with a minute of silence followed by a speech by the co-chair of the Diplomatic Relations Committee, Abdul Salam Ahmed, on the latest developments in Syria and the developments of al -Raqqa and Deir -ez-Zor campaigns and the federal project, Stressing the need for the participation of peoples and components in promoting the federal project through active participation in the elections.GIRKE_MEHRACANE_HELBESTE (3)
A member of the Executive Committee of the TEV-DEM, Badran Çiya also delivered a speech in which he said: “We are witnessing historical gains and achievements in north Syria by the efforts of all components and their cohesion and solidarity with each other and unite them in the face of terrorism. To historical levels and these gains have been achieved thanks to the philosophy of the leader (Apo) who drew us an approach to follow him since the beginning of the revolution. “

Çiya stressed in his speech that the elections of the communes are an essential step in promoting the federal project. He called on all peoples and components for effective participation.

The festival continued with a series of poems by popular poets from the region in Arabic, all of which praised the resistance of the people of north Syria and the principles of coexistence and fraternity of peoples.