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Participants at foot march in al-Tabqa “We will defend Afrin with our lives”


AL-TABQA- members of al-Tabqa Youth Council, the participants in the foot march at al-Tabqa countryside that they are ready to defend Afrin with their lives and stressed the need to stand together in the face of the Turkish colonial plan.

The Youth Council and Young Women’s Union have started a foot march in solidarity with Afrin’s resistance.

“We took part in the foot march in support of our steadfast people in Afrin and congratulations for the tournaments offered by the people of North Syria in order to defeat Turkish Erdogan terrorism,” said a member of the Youth Council of al-Tabqa.

The participants will walk 50 km to al-Tabqa city in north Syria.

“We, as the Young Women Union and the youth of al-Tabqa city, affirmed our support for the city of the resistance, Afrin, the heroes and the sacrifices, and to tell the Ottoman occupation and the criminal Erdogan that we will not allow you to enter Afrin. We will stand with our people the resisters in Afrin to defend on our land and our people. “

The Turkish aggression against Afrin, in which mercenary groups from the remnants of al-Qaeda and IS mercenaries were being carried out, began on 20 January and resulted in the deaths of more than 180 civilians, mostly children, women and displaced persons, as well as more than 400 injuries sustained by the aggression in which they were used German and American weapons.

“We organized this march to assure the whole world that we are one people with all our components and nationalities, and stand in the face of the international conspiracy on Afrin, the ground of resistance and struggle and we as Arab youth, will declare the general alarm to defend every inch of our land,” said the co-chair of the Youth and Sports Committee in the Civil Administration of al-Tabqa city Menawar al-Adad.

The Turkish bombardment recently spread to Afrin city targeting densely populated neighborhoods and the vicinity of Avrin Hospital in the center of Afrin city in northwestern Syria.

“Today, we embarked on a foot march to support Afrin’s Resistance of the age. This activity is not the first and will not be the last one, and our activities will continue until the end of the brutal Turkish aggression and the end of massacres and violations against civilians,” a member of al-Tabqa Youth Council of al-Jarniah town Israa al-Ahmad

Young people will resume their second day in a row after about two hours.