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People ‘s Municipality in Afrin is working in full swing





AFRIN – The Central People’s Municipality in Afrin city  is working in full swing in the service of the city’s residents with its available facilities and requirements.

Afrin has been under attack by Turkish occupation army and its gangs since 20 January this attack caused hundreds of civilans have lost thier lives and others have been wounded and damaged civilian’s  properties

In order to confront these brutal attacks, the Central People’s Municipality is carrying out acts of service to the people of  the canton stressing their stand against the occupation and deterring them.

Allocating 250 workers for hygiene

The cleaning workers in the central municipality of Afrin city clean the city center on a daily basis, especially after the congestion of the city as a result of the influx of people from the border villages.

About 250 cleaning workers take part in cleaning up all the streets and neighborhoods in the city. The cleaners start working in two shifts starting from 6:00 am until evening. Some of them work from morning till afternoon and the other part from noon to evening.

Insurance of drinking waterEFR-SAREDARIYA-GEL-SER-KAR-U-XEBATEYE (1)

The Central People’s Municipality works to secure drinking water for people who have been forced to leave their villages on the border as a result of shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.

Intensify the control of the market

In order to avoid monopolies and exploitation by shop owners in the city markets, the Municipality intensified the work of the Supply Control Committee, by organizing daily tours of markets and shops, to ensure the validity of consumption of goods sold to consumers and to adjust prices.

Insurance of electricity and sewerage maintenance

The maintenance workshops of the People’s Municipality have repaired sewerage out of service in some neighborhoods of the city.

In addition to these works, the People’s Municipality also provides electricity to the entire Afrin city by restricting and obligating generators to operate generators as they were prior to the attacks in terms of the number of working hours and the price per amp.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviwed  withThe co –chair of the Central People ‘s Municipality inAfrin city Nuri Sheikho said to (ANHA) : “We have been carrying out additional work since the beginning of the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin, where cleaning workers clean up the city on a daily basis from dirt and waste the about the work done by the municipality to serve the residents. Drinking water for the people of the city, and we will continue to serve our people with all available resources. “