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People’s Municipality in Gire Sipi continues in repairing bridges on al-Jelab River

GIRE SIPI – People’s municipality in Tal Abyad / Gire Sipi District continues its work by rehabilitating bridges destroyed by IS mercenaries.

After the diversion of al-Jallab River temporarily, the technical workshops of People’s Municipality carried out its tasks of repairing Al-Doganiya bridge in al-Ali town of Tal Abyad canton and removing the bridge’s floor from destruction.

The technical workshop comes within the framework of rehabilitation of bridges in the area.GRI-SPI-KARE-ŞARADARI-1-300x225

According to supervisors of rehabilitation work, the municipality is trying to complete the work as soon as possible before the rise of water level of al- Jalab river, which will hinder work