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Commanders: Kobanî’s resistance effected a change in the ME

KOBANÎ- The general commander of Manbij Military Council Adnan Abu Amjad and the spokesperson of MMC Shervan Darwish said that the victory of Kobanî is considered a humanitarian victory on the terrorists, and they stated that Kobanî resistance effected changes over the area and will make changes over the Middle East, too.SERVAN-DERWIS

Adnan Abu Amjad and Shirvan Darwish made a statement to Hawar news agency amid the celebrations that were organized by DAA in the canton on the occasion of the third anniversary of its declaration and the second anniversary of Kobanî liberation.

The general commander of MMC Adnan Abu Amjad who is one of the commanders that participated in Kobanî liberation in addition to YPG and YPJ said that Kobanî resistance became a springboard of the all neighboring cities liberation as Manbij, Sareen, and Til Abyad.

Abu Amjad added “Because of the second anniversary of Kobanî liberation and in the name of the general command of Manbij Military Council we congratulate Kobanî people and Rojava people for defeating the greatest group of terrorists that is known for being supported by more than 30 states.EDNAN-EBU-EMCED

Adnan Abu Amjad stated that the mercenaries of ISIS that were receiving the military support publicly from the Turkish government attacked Kobanî after the declaration of the DAA there. Where they wanted to weaken Kurdish people’ will specially from the people of Kobanî canton, but they did not succeed.

MMC commander stated that the victories that were achieved by Kobanî were the result of what the martyrs did including resistances and championships in the battlefields that the history witnessed. He also said that they would do all everything possible to liberate all the occupied neighboring areas by ISIS.

MMC spokesperson Shirvan Darwish who participated in the historical resistance that Kobanî witnessed said that Kobanî became a springboard to change many things in northern Syria and would become a springboard to bring about changes in the Middle East.

Shirvan Darwish expressed his gladness on this day that every free man was dreaming of inside Syria and the Middle East, and it is the day of uniting all the components in Kobanî, the resistance castle for the anniversary of the liberation of the city.

Darwish stated that the basis of the other cities liberation that previously liberated on the hands of SDF and all the victories that were achieved in northern Syria are the spirit of Kobanî resistance and Kobanî fighters, and he said “Unless Kobanî victory was achieved, the case would have been different in the area now”.

The official spokesperson of Manbij Military Council Shirvan Darwish concluded that Kobanî resistance became a humanitarian heritage and the day of Kobanî victory is the day of humanity’s victory on the terrorists all over the world.