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Preparation to launch oil incinerators work of environmentally friend in al-Tabqa

 AL-TABQA-The Fuel Department in the Finance Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa city is preparing to launch the works of environmentally friend (electric) oil burners in the coming days in order to achieve self-sufficiency of the region at low prices and to prevent monopolies by traders.

TEPQA-HERAQE-BETROLE ‫(38732290)‬ ‫‬

The 11 incinerators are located on the southern side of al-tabqa city and are divided into 2 types: the 1st is water cooling, and the 2nd is radiator cooling, which is the latest and best method of sorting the final materials.

The Fuel Directorate will work to secure crude oil for all public incinerators in the region and its countryside.

Each incinerator is supplied with 200 barrels of crude oil, producing 160 barrels of oil and 40 barrels of asphalt, which is transported to the asphalt certain extent outside the city.

The production capacity of each incinerator will reach 160 barrels during one burning process, which lasts for between 15 to 20 hours, resulting in the diesel fuel oil, which accounts for 80% and gasoline by 20% of the total amount of the refining process.

It is worth mentioning that the prices of fuel materials are witnessing a significant decrease in price for the previous period during which prices were observed.

It is expected that the work will begin in the next few days, which will contribute to securing the needs of al-Tabqa of oil derivatives without relying on external markets.