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Rain brings spirit back to agricultural season in Afrin


AFRIN-After waiting for days the rain gave the spirit of the agricultural season in Afrin, after the Turkish artillery and aircraft prevented the people from taking care of planting and watering.

Afrin has been witnessing heavy rains since yesterday, as the streets of the city of Afrin filled with water, and the rains come after about two weeks of drought.

The time when the rain returned the spirit to plant amid the inability of parents to take care of, because of the Turkish shelling indiscriminately on the land of Afrin and in particular the border areas with Turkey.

According to the Agriculture Authority, 40% of the 13 million olive trees remain without care, due to air and artillery shelling.

On the other hand, the Turkish air force targeted the vicinity of the Midanki dam, which supplies the Afrin canton with water.

The residents of Afrin expressed joy in the rain that will bring the spirit back to the agricultural season.