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Rehabilitating bridge between al-Hous, al-Karama

AL-RAQQA- The machineries of the people’s municipality in al-Karama area have begun to rehabilitate the main bridge that links between the town of al-Hous and al-Karama area.REQA-CEKIRNA CESER (1)

During the takeover of the area by IS mercenaries, they deliberately booby-trapped and destroyed all the main bridges in order to impede the progress of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to liberate the area.

The technical office in the people’s municipality in al-Karama prepared a research about the damaged bridges, and the possibility of rehabilitating them. Therefore, the municipality’s machineries started the work to rehabilitate the bridge that connects the town of al-Hous with al-Karama area.

The administrative in the technical office Faisal al-Bairom said, “The bridge was destroyed, and to provide access roads between the towns and villages in the area, we started working on the plan of rehabilitating the bridges.”