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Rehabilitation al-Tabqa’s silos


AL-TABQA-The Directorate of Agriculture of the Economic Body, which is related to the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa began to work on the rehabilitation of some of the silos as part of its current plan to find a strategic store of food.

Al-Tabqa  contains 5 grain silos distributed in the countryside as follows: “Albu Assi in the southern countryside, Hnida, Mansoura in the eastern countryside, al-Selhia in the north, and the last in  al-Jernia in the western countryside.”

TEBQA-depoyên genim ên tebqayê jinûve ketin xizmetê (2)

Hamidi al-Abdullah, an administrator in Agriculture Directorate said “These silos were partially destroyed by the mercenary groups that followed the control of the area, for example, Hnida silo with a storage capacity of 100 thousand tons was almost destroyed.”

He added that full damage happened due to the damage to the control unit which contains electronic devices.

In a related context, the Directorate of Agriculture within its current agricultural plan to grant many agricultural licenses for farmers with irrigated land by watering provided that their cultivation of soft wheat – the raw material for the production of flour – up to 70% of their crops.

The work of the Directorate for the rehabilitation of silos and the granting of licenses mentioned above for the availability of flour is the basic material of life.