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Research center reveals Turkey’s involvement in assassination of Regeni, bombing Russian plane in Sinai

NEWS DESK –The Center for Justice and Development for the Middle East and North Africa Studies demanded of the Italian and Egyptian authorities to conduct a new

investigation about the involvement of Turkey and some members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the assassination of Italian activist Giulio Regeni and the bombing of the

Russian plane in the Sinai Peninsula.

The official spokesman of the Organization Zidane al-Qini said that Turkey may be involved in the assassination of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo through the

elements of Brotherhood linked to the Turkish intelligence in order to prevent any Egyptian-Italian coordination on the Libyan file or the extension of Egyptian gas

pipelines from the eastern Mediterranean to Europe in coordination with Italy, Cyprus and Greece for the impact on the Turkish-Russian project to supply Europe with gas via the Caspian Sea.

He stressed that Turkey was involved in the assassination of Giulio Regeni and in the bombing of the Russian plane over the Sinai Peninsula, as evidenced by the

occurrence of a Russian-Turkish rapprochement after the incident, despite the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Ankara, for the importance of Turkey for Russia

as a corridor for the transfer of Russian gas to Europe.

The report pointed out that Turkey does not want any military coordination between Italy and Egypt inside Libya because Turkey supports terrorist organizations in Libya

to control Libya and put the pressure the European Union countries to flow African migrants to Europe through Libya to force the European Union to include Ankara to

the European Union.

The report warned of the outbreak of a naval war between Turkey and Cairo on the gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea and the supply of Russia to Turkey by long-range

naval missiles to hit the Egyptian naval bases in Alexandria or Egyptian seaports in Alexandria, pointing to the danger of Turkey to strike Alexandria because Egypt has a

naval force and long-range missiles may reach Turkish territories.