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Resistance has overturned balances



The Turkish occupying army has escalated its attacks on the revolutionary factions in Shahba regions. The Turkish officials having no intentions to conceal their real purposes, they have unveiled their aim to fight the revolutionary factions particularly those comprised under the SDF. The Turkish aims have come to light embodied in the continuous offensives on Rojava and Shahba regions in particular.

The occupying Turkish army has been attacking days ago with different kinds of arms the liberated villages by the revolutionary factions using extremely up-to-date weapons, it also used warplanes and would not their attacks stop there, it also shelled Afrin canton villages.

The Turkmen, Arab, Kurd factions comprised under the revolutionary factions have repelled these attacks with unprecedented bravery, as it will determine the future balances. Consequently, many powers in Syria and Iraq are trying to take advantage of this occupation in accordance with their interests, but the status quo however does not match their interests, while it is expected that the situation would turn head over heels in the region.

It is crystal clear that the Turkish state is threatened by the revolutionary factions, and Kurds, too, while the Turkish state is putting all its eggs in a basket striving to prevent Kurds from obtaining their rights and handicapping the democratic process in the region. For this reason, the Turkish state is resorting to intervene in Mosul, and threatening of turning to plans(A and B and etc.) in case it did not take part in Mosul liberation offensive.

The supposed plan B Turkey is suggesting is occupying Aleppo and besieging Rojava, while plan C is clearly indicating to Kirkouk. IS attacks on Kirkouk is plan C, as B is already in action Turkey occupying Jarablus and Shahba regions, it is also following a multidirectional policy, while the world powers have not until now taken any serious attitudes about the Turkish policies.


Many people in Syria and Iraq may wonder at the absence of clear attitudes of the conflicting powers!!

Russia has politically lost

After the military coup led by Erdogan, the dictatorial Erdoganian state wanted to take advantage of it and retrieve warmth to its ties with Russia. In September 2015, after the Russian fighter plane was dropped, the Russian and Turkish sides realized their mutual need for each other, and began trading in Syria and Iraq, as Russia hoped to get mercenaries out of Aleppo with the help of Erdogan.

It turned out that this issue has been discussed in Lausanne meeting, as Erdogan has given commands to al-Nusra Front, the Qaeda arm in Syria, to abandon Aleppo.

While Russia gave the green light to Turkey to occupy Jarablus and Shahba regions in return for delivering Aleppo to the Syrian regime, Erdogan’s policy however aims at giving promises and saving time, without any actual implementations on the ground.

The occupying Turkish state is aiming to connect Aleppo with Idleb through a crossing south of Mare, consequently, the regime besieging Aleppo will be besieged itself.

Mercenaries of Nour addin al-Zinki directly affiliated to the Turkish state have made clear the Turkish attitudes in video on social media: the 4th phase of Euphrates Shield is besieging the regime forces in Aleppo.

All this proves that the mercenary gangs affiliated to the Turkish state are struggling with the regime and Russia in Aleppo and Idleb, contrary to the Russian aspirations, it is aiming at besieging Aleppo. While Russia would regret mercenaries withdrawing with the help of the Turkish state, the statements released by Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front have definitely ensured that the Russian policy, turning a blind eye to Turkey, has failed.

Russia giving the green light to Turkey to occupy Rojava is aiming to deepen the Turkish-American differences, Erdogan however has taken advantage of this Russian aim by putting pressure on the US, and it seems that Erdogan has succeeded in that, and Russia realized that the US and Turkey are inseparable.

What lies behind the American silence?

The US is following a multilateral policy in Syria, it is aiming to exploit the revolutionary powers fighting IS on the one hand, and continues its collaboration with Turkey on the other. Had the US realized the Turkish-Russian agreement on emptying Aleppo in return for Turkey occupying Shahba regions, it would not have remained silent about this.

The US is aiming at breaking the siege on Aleppo and consequently undermining the Russian attitude, and that is why it is supporting Turkey. Observers suggest that American soldiers are participating in the attacks on the revolutionary factions in Shahba regions.


As for Iran, the Shiite in Nubel and al-Zahraa towns are far more important than Aleppo, so the Turkish state is aiming to besieging the two towns again, thus opening a crossing between Aleppo and Idleb. Having succeeded in this, the Iranian policies in the region would collapse, and Iran would be conflicting with Turkey over Syria and Iraq in every possible way. Iran perceiving the Turkish policies as weakening Kurds and democratic powers, it still however considers it a threat to its policies in the region.

Their schemes would not succeed

It is crystal clear that mercenaries of the Turkish state would not get out of Aleppo, which means that the Turkish-Russian partnership, for which Russia allowed Turkey to occupy Shahba regions, would not succeed as the revolutionary powers have foiled all the Turkish policies and its partners’. The present agreements between the conflicting powers are fading away, as the US’ dreams would never come true with the help of Turkey, neither Russia’s.