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resistance of Afrin is all Syrian people’s resistance


The member of Presidency Body of Kurdistan Community Union Sabri Okk

On the 19th anniversary of the international conspiracy, the reality of the Kurdish people and the fact that leader Apo’s approach is being embodied today revolves around the resistance of Afrin. 19 years ago, the Kurdish people in the person of leader Apo were exposed to an international conspiracy that is far from morality and law and has never been seen before. They wanted through this plot to restore history itself again in Kurdistan, and break the will of the Kurdish people and eliminate the freedom movement. The details of the course of this conspiracy are known, and we will not stop. But the objectives of the international conspiracy were clear. The conspiracy forces sought to block the sun of the Kurdish people and the Kurdish people were satisfied with his fate.

After 19 years, what is the situation today? the leader Apo responded to the international conspiracy in a manner that stunned the whole world. And not only the world, but some comrades in the path of the leader Apo, who did not understand the depth of the leader’s approach, or were greatly affected by size of the plot. As far as the plot was ruthless, unjust and cruel, the response of leader Apo was equally deep and historic. When the leader Apo was placed in Imrali, he said he had achieved his third birth. Through ideological depth, the creation of a new approach, the organization of the movement and the preparation of the Kurdish people. As a result of the strenuous efforts of leader Apo and the resistance he waged in a moment and 24 hours a day. Their results can be seen today and made sure they failed as we receive the 19th anniversary of the international conspiracy. Leader Apo was not only a beacon of freedom for the Kurdish people, but a new hope for light and freedom for all peoples demanding freedom and struggling peoples. In the present day, the Kurdish people have managed to organize their ranks and struggle in. They have a strong will and are engaged in honorable resistance. No power can obliterate the will of the Kurdish people in freedom or stop and obstruct the struggle of the Kurdish people. The national spirit has developed and strengthened among the Kurdish people more than ever, and any attack on the gains of the Kurdish people will be a reason for the Kurdish people everywhere to consider that this attack is targeting their gains.

Today, on the 19th anniversary of the international conspiracy, Afrin in particular is displaying great and glorious resistance and engaged in a vigorous, cruel and historic struggle against the occupation. The revolution of Rojava and kobani resistance clearly shows how the international conspiracy failed and became in the service of the peoples. The solution that will emerge in Afrin is very important for finding political solutions to the Syrian crisis, strengthening democracy in the Middle East and eradicating the authority of justice and development and Erdogan’s fascism and colonialism.

The Turkish occupation state has focused all its efforts and policies since the beginning of the revolution to break the will of the Kurdish people and to eliminate the revolution of Rojava. As a result of these policies, it sent mercenaries to Kobani, who supported all sorts of ways and brought thousands of mercenaries to the lands of Rojava, and Syria, but all these efforts failed and yielded no results. And with the progress and development of the democratic nation’s approach in Syria, and its consolidation. And the strengthening of the democratic system of the peoples of Syria, has aroused the indignation of many regional and international forces, led by the occupied fascist Erdogan. And thus stepped up their hostile positions and brutality. Afrin did not turn into a target for the occupation by the Turkish state suddenly and by surprise. When Erdogan’s fascist power failed, his internal policies failed, and major crises emerged, Erdogan saw the need to play again on the axis of racism and chauvinism in Turkish society, far from morality and customs. At the same time, the mentality and spirit of Erdogan’s fascism, based entirely on hostility to the Kurdish people and struggling peoples and demanding freedom, was also a sufficient reason to carry out such an attack and occupation. The occupiers never want the Kurdish people, or any part of Kurdistan, or even any Kurdish individual to gain his freedom and become his own. For them, the Kurdish who is required to live is a Kurd who does not demand his freedom and not be independent. To be a Kurd sold his spirit and presented to the occupiers. The history of the occupiers and colonizers in Kurdistan shows this fact clearly.

It was not for the Turkish state alone to carry out the attack on Rojava and Afrin and carry out massacres of genocide, so the Turkish occupation state and the Justice and Development Party gave importance to relations with Russia. When it comes to the freedom of the Kurdish people, there is nothing Turkey cannot offer to sell and offer. This is what Erdogan did. The truth is that this dirty deal with Russia, since Russia also condoned and sacrificed the annihilation of the Kurdish people in exchange for its interests, this deal started first in Aleppo, initially the gates of Jrablos and al-Bab were opened to the Turkish occupation army. In return, Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) betrayed their mercenary partners and offered Aleppo to Russia. The deal is now the extradition of Idlib to Russia and in return opened the way for the Turkish occupation state to attack and occupy Afrin. At this point there is a big role for Russia. On the other hand, there is a Kurdish obsession with the Syrian regime and Iran. The Kurdish issue is a sensitive issue. In other words, Afrin should not be completely in the hands of the Turkish occupation, nor should the strength of the Kurdish people and the people of northern Syria be strengthened, and they should have protection forces. On this basis, it seems that the Syrian regime and the state of Iran are also partners in the dirty and brutal plot about Afrin.. Will Russia benefit from its relations with the Turkish occupation state, based on the hostility of the Kurdish people, in the long term? It is not known when and where the reversal of the relationship between Russia and the Turkish occupation state will reverse.

Among the important topics and axes that must be understood are the relations, positions and policies of the international coalition and America regarding the daily threats of the Turkish state as well as the attack against the occupation of Afrin. Trump said frankly that they do not want Iranian influence and Popular Crowd expansion in Syrian territory. He has repeatedly said they will continue their alliance with Syria’s Democratic Forces in the war against IS, But when it comes to the occupation of the Turkish state of Afrin, when it comes to the resistance of Afrin, it is necessary to understand the positions and policies of the coalition international and America, and must be criticized these positions.

The silence of the international coalition and America, and weak positions encouraged Turkey to strive for the occupation of Afrin and launched this brutal attack. There seems to be a deep blueprint being prepared for it. Russia alone cannot manage Syria’s overall strategy, neither the international coalition nor America can do it alone.

On the other hand, promotion against democratic Autonomous Administration is promoted through the media, and the atmosphere and claim that the conflict between the Kurdish people, Rojava  and the Syrian regime will lead to war is being created. Therefore, the administration is based entirely on the international coalition and America, but this is not true. In addition, the psychological situation is being promoted and that Rojava and northern Syria will be separated from Syria, and that all the underground and surface resources in Syria, such as oil, water and gas, will not be distributed to all Syrian citizens. This wealth is not for all the peoples of Syria. This is also not true. There is nothing in the strategy of the Kurdish people to wage a war on oil, gas and water. This wealth is for all the peoples of Syria..

Today, the honorable Afrin resistance has entered its 25th day, where daily heroism is being celebrated. And the failure of the Turkish state plan to occupy Afrin within days, but within hours. The plan failed completely, killing hundreds of them, and dozens of tanks and aircraft were destroyed. Yes, the people of Afrin are in fact a heroic line, defending their land and their dignity and choosing resistance. 72 aircraft participated in the bombing of Afrin, and the second force and the second NATO force moved with all their strength, but the result to this day is defeat and defeat. The units of protection of the people and women responded to aggression and occupation in a manner worthy of its honorable history, and showed heroic resistance.

If there is leadership and organization of resistance anywhere, there is no reason why it should not be victorious and successful. Afrin’s resistance is organized, it has a sacrifice and protection forces, and it has leadership and a democratic approach. There is no doubt that many things, but all things related to resistance units to protect the people and women and the resistance of our people. This resistance will continue until the end. The results of this resistance will be great and amazing. The loser and the defeated will be the occupied Turkish state and its forces. If today there are some pressures on the will of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units and on Afrin and the people of northern Syria regarding the survival of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, or anything that serves this, such as the establishment of safe areas, this will never be acceptable. The occupation on the land of Afrin and the north of Syria will not remain a single hiatus. If the international powers that have a role. It is important to continue the resistance in all its forms.

We are now on the 25th day of the resistance. It is possible that the occupation forces will be defeated and that the victory of Afrin will come soon. But this resistance may last. But victory will be the ally of Afrin and the ally of the resistance peoples.