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Resistence of Afrin countinues in spirit of 12 March revolation

QAMISHLO -The Sports Union in al-Jazeera canton pointed said that “what happened in March 12, 2004, is similar to what happened in Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its gangs but with other tools and names.

The sports association of Sports and Youth Body in al –Jazeera canton issued a statement on the 14th anniversary of the 2004 Qamishlo revoltion .

The pictures of the martyrs of Qmaishlo revolation  who were martyred in the revolation and a picture of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan, were hung on the stadium. The banners were written in both Arabic and Kurdish: “Afrin resistance to the March 12 revolation .”.

The statement was read by the co –chair of the Sports Union Slava Taher.

The statement reads as follows:

“The resistance of Afrin … an extension of the March 12 revolation .

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the revolation  that began in March 12, 2004, with its painful reminder that the Baathist regime betrayed our people in Qamishlo through sport, where unarmed athletes and civilians were attacked and the youth, activists in prisons and detention centers were arrested and some of them remained in the cells of the Baathist regime. Now … Our people rose up in the face of this injustice and the masses in all the cities of  Qamishlo , Derik and Kobani moved to Afrin, Aleppo , al-Hasakah and Damascus in peaceful marches demanding the overthrow of the regime. The response of the barbarism that the Baathist regime took was a principle. Today we are witnessing barbarism and brutality. The totalitarian fascist Turkish on Afrin targeted civilians of children and elderly women and in front of the silence of the world and the glare of the eyes of the friendly and friendly countries and neighbor … Despite all this our people in Afrin set up tournaments in the resistance and painted epics will be a fingerprint on the forehead of all countries of the world by repelling the Turkish fascist aggression with all its heavy weapons and sophisticated, What happened in March 12, 2004 is similar to the day in Afrin, but with other tools and names.

The goal was then and now is one, beating the will of our people in their quest for freedom and living in peace.

Today in Afrin conspiracy and international neglect on our people and there are cheap agreements from the Russian state and the Syrian regime and the government of killing and terrorism Erdogan’s government, and the goal to hit the gains of peoples in all its spectrum and components in addition to international silence,

We, as al-Jazeera’s youth leaders, recall this day and condemn and denounce the Turkish aggression against our people in Afrin. We call upon the international community, civil society organizations and human rights to stand up against this aggression and protect our people in Afrin.

We also emphasize the continuation of the resistance and the control of the tournaments and follow the footsteps of the martyrs and we promise the mothers of the martyrs and their families to pursue victory until victory and break the targets of mercenaries and the Turkish aggression conspiring against our people. “

After reading the statement, the participants chanted slogans of “Resistance to Age ” and chants of martyrs of Qamishlo revolation .