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Reviving Kurdish folkloric dance culture

GIRKÊ LEGÊ- loving and preserving their heritage and culture, 11dance groups performed cultural heritage dance performances as each participant group in the 3rd festival for children art in Rmelan specializes to show and revive the Kurdish culture and heritage.  GERKE LEKE-ZAROK-JANDA-XO-VEDKRENN1 ‫(100860418)‬ ‫‬

The activities of the 3rd festival started in September 5 in Aram Tikran Center in Rmelan city in Cizîre region by participation of many art groups. Moreover, it is supposed that the festival would last till September 12.

During the last days , the participant groups performed many song, theater and art performances. In addition, what is striking about the performances is that they concentrated on the folkloric and heritage performances, and each group passed on its own area’s heritage.

Şengal children group performed Şengal heritage dances while Şehîd Kisra group performed dances of Kurdish Wan city art in Bakur Kurdistan, and Can Welat group performed special dances of Gumgum areas.

The participant Kurdish groups have trained for months to pass the old and heritage dance on the new generations who were put under the pressure of decay by the Kurdish people’s enemies as reviving the Kurdish folkloric dance is a duty in order to preserve it.

Furthermore, the artificial border among Kurdistan four parts could not prevent the values and means of the Kurdish folkloric heritage to be gathered so the art groups today have a chance to revive their Kurdish folkloric heritage.