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Rojhilat, Başûr, Mexmûr, Şengal’s youth meet public alarm for Afrin

KOBANI- The youth of Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan), Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), Mexmûr and Şengal’s youth met the public alarm to participate in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin.

To meet the public alarm declared, the North Syria-Rojava Youth declared their support for the Resistance of the Age in Afrin, releasing a statement, the youth of Rojhilat, Başûr, Mexmûr, Şengal met the appeal and will head to Afrin, the statement was read by Serbest Harouni.KOBANI-CIWAN (2)

The statement is:

“We as the youth of Rojhilat, Başûr, Mexmûr, and Şengal, we declare our joining the public alarm for Resistance of the Age, and assure that all borders set by colonialists on our land have been broken, we as the youth of Kurdistan will all join Afrin resistance, promise our martyrs to revenge, and break the Imrali regime.”

The statement read, the official spokesperson of the People Protection Units Nori Mahmoud welcomed the youth.

Mahmoud said “Syria in general and Afrin in particular is witnessing magnificent resistance, which is a continuation of Serê Kaniyê and Kobani, the people who could defeat the most dangerous organization in the world supported by the Turkish state in its attack on Kobani, is also capable of breaking the back of Turkish terrorism and its gangs in Afrin, too.

“Your joining the Resistance of the Age in Afrin is very crucial for us, this is an indication that the Kurdish people’s hearts are beating for Afrin, this is also a good step for other youth in the world to join the resistance which is defending humanity against fascism and oppression.

Slogans then were chanted by the youth who saluted Afrin resistance.