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Sabri Ok: Turkey will be defeated at Afrin walls

NEWS DESK– Member of Command Body in the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Sabri Ok said that the intervention of Turkey in Afrin will finish them, pointing out that once Russia allows and the United States keep silence Turkish occupation army will launch the attack on Afrin, and called on the people to be careful and to be on ready. These statements were made by member of the Command Body in the system of the Kurdish community Sabri Ok in an interview conducted by the Hawar News Agency.

The following is the text of the interview:

Now everyone is talking about post-Daesh stage, and many point to political solutions, how do you evaluate that?

IS was a project and there were other forces that facilitated for IS spread in the region.

“When the Shiites ruled Iraq, IS appeared as a Sunni power, when the contradictions grew between the mercenaries, the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan said about these groups as” organizations which are brought about by capitalism.”

In the crisis that hit the region, which was called the Third World War, they always said that there was a war of agencies. Now is the agency war over?

Now it is too early to talk about this, the policy of capitalism, is not that policy that quickly solves problems, and considers its interest to all problems, now it does that. Now Russia is also involved in this issue. we know how Russia united with capitalism. Therefore, there are no events indicating that the region will live in a permanent democracy.

It is said that the sectarian war that took place with IS mercenaries would turn into another kind of war, what do you say about that?

The sectarian differences did not end. Now another force has emerged in the name of popular crowd in the region, the emergence of this force shows that the Shiites see themselves under Sunni pressure.

Russian, Turkish and Iranian relations have reached an advanced level, and they said it would develop more, what do you say about that?

We can say that the Turkish-Iranian relations with Russia are anti-Kurdish. Erdogan, who saw Assad as his bitter enemy, now is normalizing relations with him. Turkey thinks this way “America supports the Kurds, there is no problem I will be in the row of Russia,” Iran and Turkey always when the issue is about the Kurds, they unite with each other.

Can we say that the discussions among NATO countries have something to do with the convergence between Turkey, Russia and Iran? Can Turkey rely on NATO?

Certainly, the images of Kemal Ataturk and Recep Tayyip Erdogan among the traitors in NATO are not by chance. These problems come at a time when Turkey has a 50 or 60-year membership in NATO.

Recently, the Turkish state has threatened to attack Afrin. Can it launch an attack on Afrin? What should the Kurds do?

If one puts the massacres and the imperialist policy of Turkey in front of their eyes, saying that it will not attack is not true, if it sees power in itself, and it will attack.

Turkey is now talking about the meetings of Riyadh and Sochi, Turkey once again impeding the participation of the Kurds in those meetings. Can we say that these meetings will solve the crisis in view of what happened after the Geneva meetings?

We are following closely the events on the ground. Those who commit crimes in the region are mercenaries and al- Nusra. On the other hand, the Kurdish people sacrifice for the freedom of all people. Therefore, the search for a solution to the crisis in Geneva, Astana and Riyadh without the Kurds is not fair and no solution can be reached without the Kurds.

Turkey’s role in the region is extended. Why do these countries take these positions?

Turkey in the previous times was classified in the last list of capitalism, but now it has changed, now there are several other countries, the United States cannot control Turkey as it did before. But here the economic interests are the basis.