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‘Sêmalka must not be an obstacle for social relations’

AMÛDÊ – Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cizîre Canton Kenan Berkat noted that Rojava citizens who want to visit their relatives in South Kurdistan face problems by South Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that does not allow them to cross the border. Berekat asked the KRG to open the border to the citizens based on a new agreement and program between the two Rojava Autonomous Administration and the KRG.
The Sêmalka-Pêşxabur custom gate was opened five months ago for trade, humanitarian aid organizations, journalists, political and diplomatic delegations, and sick and wounded people. Those who gained a residance permit from the KRG could also come to Rojava. However, the Rojava citizens cannot visit their relatives in South Kurdistan and Kenan Berekat called on the KRG officials to allow them and prepare a new agreement and program for dealing with the problem.