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Serious material damage to al-Atawia village due to heavy rains


QAMISHLO – Heavy rains on Monday in the area of Tal Hamis caused considerable material losses to the people of al-Atawia village, while the People’s municipality has done the necessary procedures to help people of the village.QAM-BARAN (9)

Tal Hamis district of Qamishlo canton witnessed on Monday heavy rainfall, on the other hand, the residents of al-Atawia village suffered 13 km east of the district center from water flood, causing severe damage to the walls of some of the village’s houses. In addition, many of the villagers’ poultry and animals have sunk as a result of rising water levels that have flooded their barns

People’s Municipality in Tal Hamis district quickly sent the mechanisms to open the crossings in places where the rainwater gathered.

Zakia Shamu, a resident of the village, said that the rainwater flooded our homes and we could not get the supplies out because of the water which killed our animals.

In the same context, Rafida Fadel, said that these floods, which were formed because of rainfalls have caused us a lot of material damage. Some of them were inundated with stored feed, and a cow, two bullocks and some of domestic birds.

The People’s Municipality is scheduled to open several crossings in order to reduce the level of water caused by the flood, which caused material losses to people of al-Atawia village.

Al-Jazeera region has witnessed heavy rains in the past two days.