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Sit-in tent in Kobanî starts tomorrow, continues till Nowruz

KOBANÎRojava Youth Union and Youth woman Union in Kobani canton prepare to pitch a sit-in tent to condemn the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and demanding his health status, which is scheduled to last for more than two months.

Where Turkish authorities have imposed for more than two years the strict isolation of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and prevent his family and lawyers from meeting him, and recently the latest information about his health was interrupted, while information spread in the Turkish media talked about the deterioration of his health.

The tent will be located in the square of the martyr Ageid in the center of Kobanî city, where the youth organizations are scheduled to participate in addition to the youth of the North Syria, including al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa and Manbij.

The event will last for more than two months. It will begin on the 13th of this month and end on the 21st of March, in Nowruz Day.

A member of Rojava Youth Union in Kobani canton Ronahi Khalil confirmed their willingness to do anything to break the isolation of Ocelan and obtain information about his health status.

And pointed out that they will not stand idly by also against the attacks of the Turkish occupation army against the people of the north of Syria.