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Symptoms of  infected refer that Turkish occupation used chlorine gas

AFRIN-The administrator in Avrin Hospital Dr. Joan Mohammed, noted that the Turkish occupation army most likely used chlorine gas in the bombing of Aranda village, during a press conference

The press conference was attended by several media. The conference was held on the use of toxic gases by Turkey in its bombing of Afrin and to reveal the outcome of civilian casualties caused by the Turkish attacks on Afrin in January 20.

Dr. Joan Mohammed said: “We have received 6 cases of injury to civilians from the village of Aranda in Shia district, they are likely to have inhaled chlorine poison gas, according to the symptoms suffered by the sufferers of breathlessness, chronic cough, itching in the skin and tears Eyes “.

He added “We took samples of their clothes, and they will be analyzed until the results of the tests are revealed until tomorrow.”