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Talented child participates in 3rd Children Festival



GIRKÊ LEGÊ- A child at 13 composes and performs theater performances, and he is participating in the 3rd Child Festival as he derived his talent from his society and attempts to pass on his ideas to other children. Moreover, the 3rd Children Festival is being held in Rmaylan city.KERKE LEKE-ZAROKE-BEJOK ‫(1)‬

The child Mahmoud Sheikhy whose age is 13 years old considers the theater as a place of education and Mahmoud attempts to transmit his voice and ideas to other children.

Mahmoud Sheikhy is one of Ad-Darbasiyah area in Cizîre region children, and composes theater performances out of his imagination and shows them in an attempt to highlight the humane side of his society.

Mahmoud Sheikhy has composed about 11 theater compositions including a composition related to the nature protection and how to preserve it because nature is the mother and preserving it is a moral and humane duty according to Sheikhy.

Mahmoud Sheikhy composed a theater performance and showed it to other children in 3rd Children Festival which was held on September 5 in Rmaylan city.

Shiekhy is waiting for the outcome of the festival and hopes to be one of the winners in the festival that is supposed to last till September 12.

In addition, Mahmoud Sheikhy stated that he has started composing theater performances since he was at 7 as he joined Mittan group of theater in Culture and Art Center in Ad-Darbasiyah city, and his talent came to show after a year and a half. Furthermore, the theater performances that were shown by the group contributed in advancing his talent.

Sheikhy dreams of being promoted to the international theater and Sheikhy would reach his voice and the voice of Rojava and north of Syria children to the whole world as children attempt to develop themselves.