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Tamoz Shmali : resistance of the age is echoing globally



AFRIN  – A member of the Administrative Body  at the Center Rojava  for the promotion of strategic studies Tamoz Shmali that the resistance of the age resonates globally after the victories achieved by The people ‘s and Women ‘s Protection Units(YPG , YPJ) and people supported them, pointing out that this resistance united the Kurdish class against hostile countries and strengthened confidence.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with a member of the Administrative Body at Rojava center for Stratagic Studies Tamoz Shmali about the Turkish aggression on Afrin canton Since 20 January

Tamoz Shmali said in his speech :

The Turkish occupation since the declaration of the Rojava Revolution and Democratic Autononmous Administration of the 3 cantons of “Afrin, Kobani and al-Jazeera “, are trying by various means to impose their control over the region by various means and methods. Today, they have taken the protection of their borders as an excuse to launch attacks on Afrin canton

Shmali pointed of the Turkish ambitions in Afrin, is the result of the victories achieved by the revolution of Rojava

Common interests of international silence against violations of the Turkish occupation in Afrin

On the common interests between the Turkish occupation and some international parties to the region, Shmali said “Afrin attacks came as a result of the agreement of several parties, which seeks to achieve ambitions in the region, such as Russia, which consolidated its interests with Turkey in th earea, including the gas line from Turkey, Mercenaries from Adlb city .

Other objectives include the weakening of the Turkish state to the will of Syria Democratic Forces (SDF)to get closer to Russia, and the pressure on Autonomous Administration in the region and weakening them to resort to Russia. All these reasons gave Russia the green light to Turkey in launching attacks on Afrin canton , The reason for the international silence of silence about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on territories of Afrin according to their own interests.

Resistance of the age resonates globally ..

He pointed out that in exchange for all these international schemes, “the People ‘s and Women ‘s Protection Units (YPG , YPJ)under the resistance, which came close to the month of great impact on the global level, comes after the Turkish occupation claims that it will sweep Afrin within hours, and what happened on the ground completely reflects their ambitions, Month without the Turkish occupation army making any progress.

That resistance will bring about changes in the international and regional community, and Afrin will continue its military, political and social resistance.

Shmali said in one of the Turkish statements came “In the event that the resistance of the people in Afrin continues for years, it will continue its attacks on the region,”  and Added Saying “It can be explained that they are convinced that the people are determined to resist till the last breath  before Heavy weapons “.

Turkey’s hopes are failing again

He confirmed that these attacks on Afrin canton , linked to the international conspiracy against the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan, saying: “The Turkish state arrest leader Ocelan did not reach its goal of eliminating the Kurdish liberation movement in a short period as claimed in the attacks on Afrin, Once again, its hopes for failure in Afrin are under threat. “

Resistance of the age and united the Kurdish class

A member of the Administrative Body at Rojava Center for Strategic Studies said :

“This is the first time that the Kurdish people have united in the four parts of Kurdistan in front of the hostile countries, by supporting the Afrin children by all means and by visiting the delegations that came to stand by their side,”, And to show the extent of solidarity of the Kurdish people and the peoples of North Syria under the sensitive stage experienced by the people of Afrin.

Shmali eneded his speech saying :

“The resistance of Afrin achieved with it the unity of the Kurdish class, and the conspiracies that are being waged against the Kurdish people have made the international community reach the conviction that the resistance of Afrin will not be broken. Resistance is the determination of the positions of the international community. The resistance that is taking place in Afrin is a continuation of the resistance and the victory of Kobani” .