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Targeting Midanki dam caused water crisis ,municipality seeks to resolve crisis


AFRIN – Afrin ‘s people are suffering  from a severe crisis in securing drinking water after the Turkish occupation army targeted Midanki dam, which was the main source of the residents of  the canton and its center in particular.

Afrin has been under attack since 52 days Turkish occupation and its gangs  using all kinds weapons in its attack on Afrin canton targating civilians and infrastructure .

The aim of the Turkish occupation through its aggression is to annihilateto Afrin ‘s people , who are resisting this aggression. After destruction of the villages and the centers of the areas and the massacre of Afrin ‘s people amid the international silence, the Turkish occupation army targeted the public facilities and vital installations. From 10 raids, which led to his departure from service and his complete cessation of work, and this created a severe water crisis in  the canton especially the center of Afrin canton.EFRIN-BLAVKURNA-AVI-2-300x200

In order to meet the needs of the people of  the canton and to provide drinking water, the Water Corporation of the Municipalities and Local Administration Body in the canton started repairing 8 wells located in the city and distributing the water to the people through the water tankers of the People’s Municipality. Due to increasing  in the population of the city as a result of the influx of children from all areas under shelling and villages along the seam lines into the city center.

Every day for 18 hours, 14 water tankers distribute water to the people free of charge, according to the administrator of the water company in Afrin Rashid Sheikh Mos.

Rashid Sheikhmos explained that the Foundation and in an emergency has maintained eight wells within the city to meet the needs of the people, but the water that is distributed does not meet the needs of citizens.

Due to inability of the Water Corporation to cover all of the city’s neighborhoods with water, hundreds of families suffer from lack of water. Some neighborhoods do not reach the water for 5 to 7 days.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with number of the canton ‘s people the citizen Mohammed said ” Seven days ago we were without We went to the water company to do this, and they explained there was a state of overcrowding, so I provided water for the family from one of the residents. Private wells “.

In a related context, the owners of some wells within the city running their own wells, to be distributed to the people through special mechanisms, very low wage (ie, the cost of fuel).

If the situation persists 600,000 civilians are residing in Afrin city , will face a real tragic situation as a result of a shortage of “drinking water