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TEV-DEM: Our people give promises of victory over occupation

NEWS DESK – The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) thanked the march of the people towards Afrin, which arrived in Afrin a few days ago, and said in a comment on it, “Our people gave promises victory on the enemies.”

The Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement (TEV_DEM)issued a statement to the public, in response to the march of the peoples of North Syria andSengal , who arrived in Afrin a few days ago.

The text of the statement:

Above all, we recall the martyrs of Avista Khabor and Barian Kobani, all of the fighters who were martyred in resisting the attacks of the Turkish occupation and the remnants of “al-Qaeda” and” Jabhit al-Nusra” The occupation army and its mercenaries from “al-Qaeda” and the remnants of the free army have nothing but defeat in the face of the glorious resistance of our people, which is resisting a strong legitimacy and organization. Victory must be its ally. In history, it is the first time that the Kurdish people resist. And the Arab Circassian, Armenian and Turkmen and all the peoples of the region side by side in the face of the attacks of occupation. “

Our people in the whole of North Syria are taking their place alongside the people of Afrin in the trenches of the resistance. Thousands of people from North Syria marched under the slogan “enough for the occupation of the Turkish state and the policy of genocide practiced by them.” We congratulate the march of Afrin, which the people came out with dignity and we affirm that the oppressors on this land will receive a strong blow this time and will return to their feet on the impact of a historic blow they will receive. As a result of the decision and resistance given by the peoples of the north, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries were unable to achieve any progress on the land of Afrin. The occupation is progressing in Afrin and preparing the plans for this. We must escalate the resistance by a stricter decision and a stronger organization. The resistance of the people must continue every day and every period in all places and in different ways.

It is not hidden to anyone that Erdogan and the Turkish occupation state support and support mercenaries urging and supporting since the beginning of their appearance, and directed to fight the Kurdish, Arab, Circassian, Syrian and Turkmen people, mercenaries who called on the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and  People ‘s and Women’s Protection Units( YPG , YPJ ) end point. Time to rely on “al-Qaed” and support for its attacks. The world must raise its voice against these attempts of occupation and see the resistance of our legitimate people in Afrin against the occupation forces that killed hundreds of children. The coalition forces that participated in the war on a call with the forces of Qusad, (YPG , YPJ)to show their attitude towards the occupation forces. Russia should not lead this attempt of occupation and move away from the swap of Afrin and Idlib and make the Kurdish people a victim to achieve their interests.

Our people, who have been resisting for 19 days in the face of the occupation forces, will certainly win the battle because they have the strongest decision