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TEV-DEM: Turkish state collapses in Afrin , we are continuing in our federal project

NEWS DESK– The Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) pointed out that Erdogan’s goal of his attacks is to undermine the people’s fraternity and the democratic project in the region, as well as the continuation of the policy of the Ottomans, asserting that they are going on in their federal project .

TEV-DEM issued a written statement on the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin, which entered its 26th day.

 The text of the statement:

“In light of the reality of the breakdowns and defeats suffered by the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries in Afrin as a result of the legendary resistance shown by our people in Afrin, Erdogan continues in his policies hostile to the unity of peoples and against their aspirations for freedom. Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, As he did in the creation of charges and lies about the issue of ethnic liquidation in Tal Abyad in 2015 when the units began to protect the people of the liberation campaign and calling for an attack on our people only as a result of the struggle of the people the various components of coexistence and the realization of people’s fraternity. The project, which represents the greatest danger to Erdogan for his important development and qualitative transition from the era of injustice to the attainment of legitimate rights and to live in peace, and Erdogan’s insistence on spreading sedition and segregation only time for the policy of the Ottomans in his project against the unity of peoples and adherence, in Afrin Erdogan exploited an undisciplined category of calling themselves opposition is calculated on the Arab component and uses them today as spearhead in Afrin in a clear goal is to create a rift and a gap between the Arab and Kurdish component, especially as they push them to kill and therefore wants to deepen hatred to be able increase this complexity at the level of Syria .

We are in The Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement emphasizing that we are continuing our federal project. We will not accept such discriminatory practices. We appeal to all the peoples, especially the Arab people, that our historical interdependence and our struggle are the basis for a future.