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The festival restored Arabic heritage’s originality


QAMISHLO– After seven years from the Syrian crisis, Rojava Revolution was able to unite the components in the region and show the culture and heritage of the people and renew them. 

Festival for Music and Folk Songs. Through its participation in the festival, this band aims to present a vivid presentation to the peoples of the region about the culture of Mizmar; musical instrument that represents the Arabic heritage.

The Arabic Marabana Band consists of two members, Yassin Abboud and Rakan Fahran, who are over 50 years old. They are playing and singing songs from the heritage of the original Arab heritage. Their smile would not leave their faces. Both have been working together since 1975.QAM-MIHRJANJA CAND U HUNIR (2)

Yassine Abboud plays Mizmar instrument a blowing instrument of the ancient Arabic heritage made by man from the jungle cane. The machine dates back to the seventeenth century. It is one of the popular folklore instruments of the Arabic component, Rakan Farhan singing in his soft voice.

The people of the region call Yassin and Rakan to the occasions of weddings, Arabic Dabka and tribal parties, where they create a different atmosphere in the concerts through their singing of the melody, according to their description. The culture of playing the Mizmar instrument declined slightly during the crisis in Syria due to the lack of celebrations and events. Came to the fore again after stability in the area by People Protection Units and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ).

Rakan and Yasin know each other at the age of 10 in Raheya village, east of Hasakah. “When I was caring for the sheep, Yassin was on the other side and I had a river bank between our villages, Yassin was playing the Mizmar instrument

and I was singing from the other side. They were coming to each other. After meeting each other on the other side of the banks of the river, Yasin Rakan once called and played and sang with each other and so repeated them every day until they took Mizmar instrument for a domain where they play in Arabic Dabka, clan celebrations, feasts and weddings.

“The people of the region are calling us back to the Arabic Dabka at weddings and parties,” Yassin said.

As for the participation of Marabana in the festival, the Arabic heritage returns to the forefront again and we have shown our culture in the festival. The festival is to show our culture to the peoples of the region, and our participation in the festival alongside the Kurds and Syriac is indescribable feeling, after the people of the region unite, can no longer distinguish us any one or to marginalize our heritage and culture.