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The whisper time is over …


 AL-TABQA-The Arabic culture has many aspects and is deeply rooted in history, distinguished by beautiful singing and sad melody.

The art of popular rapture struggled between the attempt to abolish by “Daesh” and the Baathist regime’s fusion, the trans-cultural influences and globalization.

Popular singer Marwan al-Ali Al-Ahmad, the son of the simple country who clung to his origins and did not forget them despite the threats which he faced by IS gangs.

Al-Ahmad from al-Khatouniya village North al-Jarniya loved singing and adored the authenticity of the folk songs, since childhood, where he listened to the songs of joy and happiness from the elderly and they enjoy the recuperation in their evenings and councils and developed his talent by the age of 10 where gathered children around him, both in the village or at school to sing.

Al-Ahmad, a 50-year-old father of four, has been accompanied by this talent since his early childhood. During the terrorist gangs’ domination, he was threatened.

But he always whispered songs between his lips and echoed in the retreats.

With this insistence and attachment to the Arabic heritage, he was threatened by IS gangs, but he give heed to it.

Marwan talks about the meeting of the people in secret at his house while they are spending their evenings singing popular Mawals.”

The singer Marwan Al-Ahmad describes his talent as “the songs that I sang I have learned from the heritage, in addition to others that are circulated among the people, in addition to those I composed myself.”

The stubborn singer was part of a local band composed of four people, among them players of Rababa and hand drum instruments. They held countless concerts and weddings throughout al-Raqqa city.

“After liberation, he will return to singing and work to reunite his band to hold the Dabka workshops again in a renewed heritage that reflects a deeply rooted culture.