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There are changes in Aleppo, Idleb and Hama


AFREN- Idleb, Aleppo and Hama are witnessing a lot of events revealing mysteries and agreements in secret and the most prominent is falling of Aleppo in the hand of regime after Russian-Turkish agreement especially that Turkish mercenaries have withdrawn from Aleppo.

There are many changes in the Syrian cities like Hama, Aleppo and Idleb especially after the explosion that happened in Atima, a border refugee camp, in last August 14 in Idleb governorate during the entry of a convoy of military vehicles for the Division 13 supported by US and killing a huge number of militants.

Idleb battles and the changes

The battles between the mercenaries of Jund al-Akhsa and Ahraar al-Sham after the bombing in refugee camp has resulted in killing 10 people, they said that they are civilians but later images have revealed that most of them were wearing military clothes, and these battles have resulted in changes in the region because the mercenaries of Ahraar al-Sham have taken control of the southern countryside of Idleb and the eastern ma’arat al-Nu’man town.

While Jund al-Akhsa mercenaries have withdrawn from Mastoma camp located between Arihah and Idleb city and have left it to Ahraar al-Sham mercenaries in addition to that Jund al-Sham has executed mercenaries of Ahraar al-Sham in Kafar Sajna village and killed their leader, Mohamed Moneer, who is known as al-Dabous.

After the losses the two sides were inflicted, Jund al-Sham has joined Jabhet al-Nosra mercenaries because they were acting as middlemen between the two sides and the source has assured that the request of Ahraar al-Sham was that Jund al-Akhsa in Idleb should leave and deliver those who executed Ahraar al-Sham mercenaries.

The withdrawal from Aleppo is inevitable

After the withdrawal from Daraya, al-Moadamyeh and al-Waer, there are rumors saying that they will deliver the eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo to the Syrian regime after Russian-Turkish agreement.

An audio recording of a coalition mercenary, he assured that Turkey is agreeing with Russia to deliver Aleppo and he describes Turkey and Erdogan with obscene words.

The recording assured that” Nourddin al-Zinki mercenaries have betrayed Aleppo and its peoples” and many vehicles which lifted them out of Aleppo through Bustan al-Kaser crossing.

Every withdrawal of the mercenaries supported by Turkey from the Syrian cities is followed by delivering regions to Turkey in return, because the alternative of Moadamyeh, al-Waer and Daraya was Jarablus and al-Rai and the question posing itself now is which region is to be replaced by Aleppo?

Daesh exists in Idleb and Hama

Many sources have assured that Jund al-Akhsa mercenaries have signed agreement with the regime to move their mercenaries from Hama to Raqa, the main stronghold of Daesh, and they assured that they will move on 3 stages, each including 50 members and they said the first one has crossed from Hama to Raqa.

But Jund al-Akhsa were in Idleb and the Syrian Coalition whose headquarter is in Turkey, has considered Idleb liberated from al-Thuwar but Jund al-Akhsa mercenaries have announced their joining to Jabhet al-Nosra and they headed to Raqa. This asserts the strong connection between the Coalition, al-Nosra Front and Daesh and participation of the two regimes, Turkish and Baathist, and their supporting to these groups to achieve its aims in the region.