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This is scenario of dividing Syria


NEWS DESK-Syria’s division is often talked about, and the Kurdish people and the components of northern Syria are often accused of trying to divide Syria and create an entity or something. But the real division of Syria is led by Turkey and the armed opposition groups and the remains of IS mercenaries and Jabhat al-Nasra with silence from the regime that is powerless.501-1-300x169

Someone might say that this is exaggerated, unrealistic or incorrect, but let us recall together some of the events that took place in Syria during the crisis years, which prove that the Syrian-Russian-led division of Syria is in the face of silence from the regime and so-called Syrian dissidents and speakers On behalf of the Syrian people in international forums.

The Syrian revolution turned into a complex crisis the solution began with a Syrian popular uprising against the rule of tyranny in Syria, which broke out from Daraa and gradually spread throughout Syria. Several days later, the Syrian regime began using violence to disperse the peaceful demonstrators. Using violence against demonstrators, the reaction of the regime prompted some Syrian officers and soldiers to break away from the army and stand by the demonstrators. At that time, the so-called “Free Officers Brigade” was formed, led by Hussein Harmoush, the first officer to break away from the regime and the first officer handed over by Turkey to the regime.

The dirty Turkish role at first

Turkey was one of the most prominent countries that took advantage of this situation as it opened its territory to receive the dissident officers of the regime for rehabilitation and arming them to fight the Syrian regime. It began to organize the Muslim Brothers Organization (the Syrian wing) to take over the reins of government in Syria after the overthrow of the regime after they thought that the regime in Syria would fall Happened before them in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya … and formed the framework of the Syrian opposition, which was dominated by the Brotherhood with the support of Turkey.

But a few months later Turkey handed over officer Hussein Harmoush to the Syrian regime in a “dirty” deal that did not cost those who called themselves Syrian dissidents to try to figure out the dimensions of the deal.turkey_map_15_12_2015-300x170

Turkey intervened in the Syrian opposition groups that gathered in Istanbul, and intervened in the opposition groups that Turkey had armed before all to implement its objectives and interests in Syria.

With the military support from Turkey and Mali from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Syrian opposition was formed sometimes under the name of “Free Officers Brigade” and another under the name of “Free Army” and the latest mercenary “Turkey’s Euphrates Shield” in everything.

When the Syrian regime discovered this Turkish game, did not intervene to expose or stop it, but took advantage of the opportunity and released thousands of detainees in its prisons of Islamic extremists to paint the armed opposition in the form of radical Islamic in preparation for the international community to the status of terrorism, and already formed radical Islamic groups such as Nasra, Extremist groups supported by Turkey and took control of these groups on large areas of Syrian territory, and the international community launched the status of terrorism to allow the regime to fight under the pretext of “combating terrorism.”

The Syrian regime received political, military, and logistical support from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi and Shiite groups under various names. Syria, with the exception of the North (Rojava), became a sectarian, religious and sectarian arena in front of the eyes of Turkey and Russia, Syria to intervene in the end to harvest the fruits of destruction and destruction through the investments they will receive later for the reconstruction of Syria.

All this was done in front of the silence of the international community, especially the United States of America, which was unable to intervene directly in the crisis because of the absence of an alternative to the Assad regime and to ensure that no extremist Islamic organization controls the authority in the country. From its real face and sold American weapons to extremist organizations. The United States remained on the sidelines until the alternative was found in the People’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and it started supporting the fight against the terrorist organization.

Turkey is the only country capable of eliminating armed groups in Syria

After years of war in Syria and preparing the country to be an area of interests and influence of external forces, and after Russia realized that Turkey is the sole control of armed groups in Syria, tried to win them in Syria and away from the West and NATO, taking advantage of Turkish-European-American tensions as a result of the policy of the Justice And development Party, because Russia realizes that Turkey is the only one capable of liquidating armed opposition groups if it controls Turkey’s will.

Therefore, Russia began drawing up the plan to extract Turkey from the European and American alliance and win in the Russian party because of its ability to directly influence the course of the crisis in Syria because it is one of the causes of this crisis.

Russia forces Turkey to kneel

Russian Turks were involved in the Russian plane’s downing on November 24, 2015, but before the incident, in October 3, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the Turkish Air Force had intercepted a Russian aircraft that penetrated Turkish airspace over Hatay. Two F-16, and the Russian aircraft headed towards the Syrian airspace. The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to report her protest and said Russia would be responsible for any future incidents. The Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged the breach and said a Sukhoi Su-30 had penetrated Turkish airspace for a few seconds due to bad weather. This was a prelude to Russia to be involved in Turkey and the fall of the Russian plane, and occurred the incident of the fall of the Russian Sukhoi fighter when the Turkish air defense forces on November 24, 2015 shot at the Russian fighter Sukhoi Su-24.

What is the Russian plan?

Russia’s practices in Syria indicate that Syria wants an area of Russian interests and influence indefinitely and it is not harmful to divide Syria as long as it is in the interests of Russia in the first place because the United States had intervened in the east of the Euphrates to fight a terrorist organization and ensured its survival in the east of the Euphrates In the future in agreement with Syrian Democratic Forces in the hope that put an end to Iranian influence in Syria.

Therefore, the Russian plan was to preserve the areas of the West Euphrates as a Russian area of influence for the implementation of its interests in the future, with the granting of some pockets and regions of Turkey, thus ensuring an end to the aspirations of the Kurds and the components of northern Syria Kobani connection Afrin. It was agreed with Turkey to grant Jrablos and al-Bab and Azaz and Afrin to them in return for the rest of the areas that were under the control of armed opposition groups of Turkey, amid the inability of the United States to intervene in the West Euphrates because of the Russian-American agreement to share influence East and West Euphrates.

Russia has guaranteed Turkey’s submission to Turkey, and with the help of Turkey, it began to empty Aleppo of the armed opposition groups loyal to Turkey and handed over to the regime, as well as some neighborhoods and regions in or near Damascus such as Darya and Qalamoun.

Turkey was able to clear these areas of armed groups and provide them to the regime and Russia on a plate of gold, as well as the imposition of zones of escalation and cease-fire in some other areas during the meetings of Astana, and Russia and the forces of the regime to fight the organization calling the terrorist in the center of the country down to Deir ez-Zor, ahead of the United States and the Alliance In the liberation of these areas and ensure non-interference of the coalition and America in the west Euphrates in the direction of Deir ez-Zor, because the United States was aspiring to control the borderline south of Syria with Iraq through the “New Syria Army” stationed in the area of Altannf, Iran to reach Lebanon and the sea.

The division took place in cooperation with Russia

Syria, especially the areas west of the Euphrates divided between Russia and Turkey and Iran, became the only supporter of the so-called Syrian revolution, one of the most important factors of the division of Syria, in front of the eyes of the so-called Syrian opponents and sitting in the bosom of Erdogan, who divided Syria, the most prominent plaintiffs to protect the unity of the country, Who sit in his lap of opponents do not care about the interest of Syria or its people as much as they are concerned about the salaries and personal interests offered to them.

The owners of this partition plan always and always accuse Syria’s Democratic and Autonomous Administration forces in northern Syria of dividing the country. Syria’s Democratic Forces continue to resist in Afrin in order to thwart the Russian-Turkish partition plan, and we must know that Autonomous Administration and Kurds and their allies from the rest of the components in northern Syria are The only ones who presented the project of preserving the territorial integrity of Syria, and presented the project of democratic federalism as a solution to the Syrian crisis, because federalism will preserve the unity of the country and make Syria a unified country safe for all components of the Syrian people.