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Turkey attempts to restore Ottoman Empire glory


QAMIŞLO-It is not a secret that the Ottoman Turkish state, through its attacks on Afrin and Alshahba, aims to revive its empires again in the land of northern Syria, and subject the areas occupied to Turkey, as happened earlier in the Syrian land banner of Iskenderun

Occupation banner of Iskenderun and its association with occupation of the northern Syrian regionsQAMISLO-+TIRK HEWL DIDE SERDEMA OSAMNIYA VEGERîNE (3)

The Turkish state occupied the Syrian land banner of Iskenderun in 1939, which was considered the fifteenth province in Syria and due to the ambitions of the Turkish state in the land of the others and because the city was strategic and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and includes a vital port.

What the occupation is doing now in the Syrian lands is an attempt to join and occupy the Syrian territories once again with the pretext of the presence of Turkmens in it. The proof of this is what we see today in Izzaz, al-Baba and Jrablos, raising the Turkish flags over its institutions as well as pictures of Erdogan.

The fact of occupying banner of Iskenderun by Turkey

In 1939, Turkish occupation forces stormed banner of Iskenderun in preparation for its occupation and the planting of settlement outposts in a French-Turkish conspiracy. The French army withdrew and. It was officially occupied by Turkey. The expulsion of the Syrian Arabs started after Turkey occupied it. Turks and their resettlement in banner of Iskenderun, and stole the land of the Syrians and their property, and the occupation systematically changed all the Arabic names to the names of Turkey prevents the Arabic language in banner of Iskenderun under the threat of arms and repression and detention and forced displacement.

Like banner of Iskenderun today, north Syria is also occupied amid an international silenceQAMISLO-+TIRK HEWL DIDE SERDEMA OSAMNIYA VEGERîNE (1)

The Turkish state is trying to reoccupy other parts the north of Syria, and did so in Izzaz and Jrablos and al-Bab and Izzaz, and after the occupation of these cities transfer the Turkish language to schools and change the names of universities and civil and social institutions to the Turkish language, and raising Turkish flags over the buildings and streets and squares, today it is trying by all means and methods to launch attacks on the territory of Afrin and al-Shahba to occupy these other areas and occupation of Erdogan will be a passage to the Mediterranean passes from the areas of al-Shahba, Afrin and Idlib.

Resistance is a way taken by the people of Afrin to defeat the Turkish occupation

The Turkish state is launching attacks on Afrin to occupy it and is well aware that it cannot occupy it because it will face great resistance because the people of Afrin refused submission and surrender to the Turkish occupation and promised to take the struggle and resistance as a way to defeat the Turkish occupation on the entire region of Afrin.

The role of regional states and their silence toward what is going on in Afrin

As for Russia, which withdrew its soldiers from Afrin and hostile to the people of Afrin, along with the Turkish state, it has taken a hostile stance against the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region and it is so since ancient times, and play In the Middle East and especially in Syria, but the people of Afrin have taken the irreversible step of resistance and struggle against aircraft and occupation and Turkey and its mercenaries could not take one step towards Afrin.QAMISLO-+TIRK HEWL DIDE SERDEMA OSAMNIYA VEGERîNE (2)

Erdogan said he would occupy Afrin within a week!

The Era Resistance presented by Afrin and Syrian Democratic Forces exceeded its first week without any achievement achieved on the ground as a result of the resistance they receive in Afrin by the struggler who did not accept surrender and took up arms to defend their land , Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he would occupy Afrin within only a week. But despite the military superiority of the Turkish aggression against the weapons and the thousands of the Eritrean Islamist battalions who surrendered and betrayed the Syrian regime and brought out the crisis, The military experts analyze that the length of the battle of Afrin is not in favor of Turkey, it may find itself in a quagmire .