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“Turkey violated international laws , Kurds should unite to confront it”



AFRIN – A member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Unionist Party, Asad Manan, called on Kurdish forces and parties to unite to confront the ambitions of the Turkish colonial powers in Afrin canton.

The words came during a interview with our agency, in connection with the attacks of the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Turkey goes beyond international law

Manan said that the violations of the Turkish occupation against Afrin have no limits. He added: “Its racist policy is hostile to the rights of the Kurdish people and humanity and is contrary to international law.

He said “The aim of the ruling states in the region in coordination with AKP and MHP is to occupy the Kurdish territories, referring to the intervention of Turkish intelligence in stopping the referendum process in Kurdistan. “

He noted the need to rearrange the Kurdish house and hold a national conference and declare the banner of the Kurds politically, militarily and diplomatically, to confront the attacks of colonial powers ruling the region.

Manan Kurdish noted that the political forces and parties should unite to confront the ambitions of the colonial powers towards Afrin, said: “The Kurdish political parties in the four parts of Kurdistan to think deeply in the sensitivity of the stage that requires the unity of the Kurdish row.”