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Turkish state seeks to strangle Euphrates basin people

AL-TABQA – The Agriculture Directorate in  Economic Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration Committee in al-Tabqa area that the continuation of the Turkish state to cut the Euphrates River water will have negative effects on agricultural crops in the area.TEPQA-REVEBRIYA-CANDINYE (1)

In parallel with the attacks of the Turkish state on Afrin and its use of all barbaric methods and the use of chemical weapons against civilians, the Turkish state follows another method of strangling the Euphrates area economically by closing the course of the Euphrates River, resulting in a decrease in water level contained in the Euphrates dam.

“The region today is witnessing several conflicts and major problems, including the brutal Turkish aggression on our people in Afrin by displacement, killing of civilians, children and women, and barbaric shelling of residential neighborhoods, schools and mosques,” said the co-chair of the Agriculture Directorate in the Economics Committee of al-Tabqa city Hamidi al-Abdullah

“After the failure of the Turkish state in its attack on Afrin from the political and military point of view it resorted to fighting economically by reserving the waters of the Euphrates River.”

The Euphrates dam derives its water from the Euphrates River which flows from the Armenian plateau in Turkey under its control.

“In terms of agriculture, the low water level will lead to the thirst of agricultural crops and thus reduce the proportion of agricultural production and the deterioration of the economy in the Euphrates basin.”

“In the coming months, if the water level is not sufficient, these crops will cause enormous damage and the agricultural production will fall to 60 percent,” he said.