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Uncle Kulin sells his merchandise cheaply to Afrin ‘s people



AFIRN –The Uncle Kulin began selling olives in Aleppo and continued his work in his village. He now sells olives and other foodstuffs in the Afrin market, but at low prices.

Uncle Kulin sold the olives in Qatama village belonging to Shara district  previously ,and now he sells olives in the market of Afrin. uncle is 72 and has been doing this for 30 years. Uncle Kulin Ali Bakri has spent a lot of time in this work. He also worked in Aleppo and believed in the strength of his family. He does not only sell olives, he used to sell almonds and raisins as well. He also made tomato molasses and pomegranate with his hands, as well as olive oil.

After launching attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its gangs on Afrin,Uncle Kulin  sells his products at low prices, taking into consideration the situation of the parents. Instead of selling olives at 900 Syrian pounds per kilo, he sells it at 600 Syrian pounds.

Afrin ‘s people especially the villagers who were forced to flee their villages because of the shelling, are buying olives from Uncle kulin who works in the Afrin market between 08:00 and 17:00.

The last word of Uncle kulin was “May God have mercy on us”.