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Urkesh festival.. a platform for people to learn about their cultures



QAMIŞlO-  The organizers of Urkesh Music and Folk Songs Festival said that the cultures and languages of the different peoples of North Syria are united in one theater, which clearly means that the peoples of the region have learned about their cultures, languages and real identities.-QAMISLO-NERINEN-QUMITEYA-AMEDEKAR (2)

Kurdish writer and researcher Saleh Haidu, who is participating in Urkesh Festival as a member of the Evaluation Committee, spoke to our agency about the importance of organizing the festival and its aim.

“The identities of peoples gathered in one place”

Saleh Haidu referred to the “most important” thing, according to his description, which is the gathering of folklore, languages, cultures and identities of all peoples in one place.

He pointed that “In a place like this where the community is gathered, the fact that everyone is familiar with the spirit of brotherhood, and they love the culture, history, language and songs, means that everyone knows how important culture is.”

“Mosaic federal gathered here”

The member of the preparatory committee of the festival, Roken Jodi, explained that they wanted to collect Mosaic the project of the federal north of Syria, which embraces all the components on one stage, each with its own image and characteristics that it enjoys in essence, which will show the reality of his culture.

This is the primary objective of the festival-QAMISLO-NERINEN-QUMITEYA-AMEDEKAR (1)

Rokn Jodi explained that the main objective behind organizing the festival is not to organize competitions among the teams to become clear, but the goal is for all peoples to come together to show the world the reality of their ancient cultures.

According to the festival program, on the final day of the festival, which will be on the 31st of December will be honored 3 distinct teams, and that the other teams of the festival will be honored also