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US Ambassador: America must take a firm attitude towards Turkey

NEWS DESK-The Former US ambassador to Turkey, Eric Adelman, explained that Turkey has come out of control and that the United States must take a firm and frank stance towards it, not without sanctions.

Adelman told the Politico newspaper that the military operation launched by Turkey in north-west Syria against Syria’s Democratic Forces is destabilizing enough. He said that the real danger would occur if Erdogan carried out his promise several times and headed east towards the city of Manbij, Syria’s Democratic Forces, where US forces are based.

Adelman stressed that the only way to prevent the clash is to take decisive and violent position against Turkey before things get complicated, useful to inform Ankara that the attack on Manbij will have serious consequences, and that Washington is ready to do what is necessary.

He added “In the era of Erdogan, the world witnessed the biggest violation of US sanctions against Iran. The Turkish media published the sites of secret American bases in Syria, in addition to the arrest of a US pastor and a NASA scientist, and employees of the US Embassy in Ankara on fabricated charges and their detention. Hostages “.

He added “Erdogan’s tyrannical injustice reached the US land in the last spring months by attacking his bodyguards against Kurdish protesters during his visit to Washington, and buying Turkey from the latest air defense systems that are incompatible with NATO regulations and its aggression against America’s allies in Syria.”.

Adilman claimed to impose a siege on the Turkish defense industry and the financial sector and officials involved in corruption .