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US negotiates Turkey for Afrin

NEWS DESK- Diplomatic researches are ongoing between the American United States (US) and Turkey for the de-escalation zones in Afrin.

The Pentagon said that Washington negotiates with Ankara for reducing tension in the Syrian area of Afrin, while Turkey has been launching aggression against Afrin since January 20 that resulted in killing about192 civilians and wounding other 500, in addition to committing many massacres against the civilians.

According to what Russia quoted on Monday from the spokesperson in the name of the American Defense Ministry Adrian Rankine- Galloway in a press briefing, “The diplomatic negotiations are ongoing now between the US and Turkey in concern to ceasing escalation in Afrin.

The Security Council had reached a truce to cease shooting fire in the Syrian lands, and allow the international organizations to enter and evacuate the wounded in Syria, while the French president Emmanuel Macron told his counterpart Recep Teyip Erdogan through a phone call that the humanitarian truce that the Security Council called for includes Afrin.