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“We prevailed in Kobani in spirit of Areen , in Afrin we will prevail in spirit of Avista , Bareen”


AFRIN– History repeats itself now in Afrin canton, and fighters the People’s and Women’s Protection units have defeated mercenaries in Kobani. They are now defeating the Turkish occupation army in Afrin ,In Kobany was Areen and in Afrin Avista and Bareen.

Fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units show great resistance in the face of the Turkish aggression on the Afrin canton, with their light weapons standing against the latest types of sophisticated and modern weapons, such as F16 warplanes and the modern German and American tanks used by the Turkish occupation army in its aggression against Afrin, .

The resistance shown by the units and the people of Afrin with the support of the peoples of northern Syria in the face of the Turkish occupation army, is the first of its kind in modern times, where the people resist light weapons and the bareness of aggression by a country whose army exceeds one million soldiers, in addition to possessing the latest types of sophisticated and modern weapons Against Afrin which does not exceed the area of 3850 km 2. Including internationally banned weapons such as chlorine.

The people took the resistance as title

The people of Afrin and the people of northern Syria realized that Afrin is the fate of all northern Syria, and that the collapse of the Turkish state hostile to the people of northern Syria in Afrin is a collapse of the Turkish state.

The People’s and Women’s Protection Units, which fight against Turkish aggression, affirm that Turkey has been defeated in its aggression against Afrin until now and cannot confront them face to face. Therefore, its advanced technology is used in launching aggression through its advanced warplanes and its warplanes that destroy all villages, populated areas.

The enemy does not distinguish between humans and stone

Amara Bautan is a fighter in the ranks of Women’s Protection Units fighting in the front lines in the face of the Turkish aggression on Afrin, characterized by its beautiful smile among the fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, who joined the units four years ago, standing alongside their comrades fighters in the face of Turkish aggression since its inception in 20 January, fought on most fronts. Is now fighting on one of the western front fronts of Afrin.

Amara pointed out that despite the brutality of attacks by the Turkish occupation army, which does not distinguish between people and stone, they show great resistance on the fronts ca not be described.

She added “Turkey’s use of heavy weapons such as planes, guns and missiles in the aggression against Afrin was a result of the weak will of the elements of the Turkish occupation army and their inability to fight face-to-face.”

After failure in advance the enemy tries to apply a special war policy

In view of the advance of the fighting in Afrin, it is clear how the Turkish occupation army has targeted the populated villages with warplanes and heavy artillery, after receiving heavy blows on the front lines. In addition to following the most egregious methods that are contrary to the values and principles of humanity and international laws and conventions related to wars, such as representation of the bodies of martyrs, killing civilians and arresting them and portray them through the media as fighters.

Amara Botan explained that Turkey is following these methods to spread panic and fear in order to implement the policy of war for the people of the region, but these policies do not discourage them from defending and steadfastness in the face of the Turkish war machine repressive.

They draw their spirits from the people

The fighters of the People and Women Protection Units draw their high morale from the people of Afrin, who remained steadfast in the face of the Turkish aggression. They remained steadfast in their villages despite the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army, and did not leave their sons and daughters on the fighting fronts alone. Directly, women prepare food for fighters, the elderly and men guard villages and supply fighters with logistics.