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We would not be a tool in hand of regional, international, colonial states

MANBIJ-The co-chair of Syrian Democratic youth Council yousif Khliwe said that the international silence about the Turkish aggression on Afrin comes from their fear of the democratic project adopted by the people of northern Syria. He pointed out that the special war practiced by the trumpets of the Turkish occupation had failed and that the young had sent their message to Turkey and the world and declared their joining the general alarm.

The Turkish media war is to legitimize its aggression

Khliwe said that Turkey before launching the aggression on Afrin launched a media war through the media trumpets many of the fabrications and lies to legitimize the attacks on Afrin and occupation without any justification, and among these lies and fabrications and a presence of IS in the areas of Afrin !, and ask, where is IS?

Khliwe, spoke on behalf of the Democratic Youth Council of Syria Erdogan, said, “If you could buy some mercenaries under the name of the Free Army, we tell you, Erdogan, that the youth of Syria are not for sale.”

Turkey will not be able to move one step in northern Syria

On the threats of the Turkish occupation to expand its aggression in several areas within north of Syria, Khliwe said that the Turkish occupation mercenary and eight days ago could not enter the borders of Afrin and advance one step forward. This is a message to the whole world that Peoples of north Syria are not up for grabs.

We would not be a tool in hand of regional ,international, colonial states

Khliwe pointed out that Turkey is practicing a special war against the people of northern Syria, especially the young people, and the youth declaration in the Euphrates, al-Jazeera and Manbij regions during their first conference their joining to the general alarm in the face of the Turkish occupation is an evidence to the failure of this special war.

Manbij Youth sent their message to the world and Erdogan

Khliwe added , Manbij youth cannot be bought, they are Syrian young , and aim to spread democracy and work for the unity of Syrian land.