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Why did not al-Tabqa women celebrate International Women’s Day before?


AL-TABQA – The Administrator Union of Young Women in al-Tabqa Hawar Judy  called on the women of al-Tabqa to review the history to find out about the March 8 facts that the Baathist regime was not interested in.TIBQA-CEMA JINE TIBQA ŞAHI JI BP 8 ADARE NAKIN (2)

Jody’s call came during a seminar attended by dozens of women in al-Jarnyia town, north-west of al-Tabqa area .

The hall, which hosted the symposium, was decorated with pictures of the martyr martyr Avista Khabor and martyrBarin Kobani, who were martyred during the resistance of the age in Afrin.

The seminar began with a minute of silence, after which the administrator  of the Union of Young Women in al-Tabqa Hawer Judy said  “March 8 is the fruit of women’s struggle throughout history in all areas of social and military life, a woman’s day that has long suffered from all forms of tyranny and slavery,”

The seminar is part of a series of seminars held by the Council of Women in al-Tabqa and its countryside and the Union of Young Women as part of the program to prepare for the celebration of the International Day for the first time in the history  of al-Tabqa ‘s women.

Judy stressed that this day was completely marginalized because of male power and the policies of the Baathist regime. “By reference to history, we find in our minds that March 8 is the anniversary of the revolution of March 8 and we have not heard of a world day for women because of the male authoritarianism of the Baathist regime On International Women’s Day and its great history in struggle and resistance”.

Jody added “In 1800 women were allowed to work for the first time but under conditions that require women to work long hours for a small wage on the grounds that women are not responsible for the family, but the man is the only one who believes in the needs of the family and is targeted any woman who claims rights This is similar to what he used when it was dominated by IS gangs  recently has been repression and injustice and contempt for women, which has become a mere commodity and machine produced only.

At the end of the seminar, a documentary film about the life of women resistance from the foot and the history of the beginning of male authoritarianism was presented through the effects and statues that illustrate the inequality between men and women and masculine domination.

Events and seminars organized by the Women’s Council of al-Tabqa and the Union of Young Women will continue until 8 March.