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Why was Şengal and Kirkuk handed over?



NEWS DESK- On September 25, the referendum on the independence of Başûr Region (South Kurdistan). This referendum was initiated and determined under the supervision of the Kurdistan Democratic Party(KDP). Most of the regional and international powers, including the closest ally of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Turkish state, have asked on the KDP to postpone the referendum, but the Region’s president Massoud al- Barzani insisted on holding the referendum and said the Peshmerga would defend Kirkuk and all other disputed areas.
The referendum was held on time, and threats against the Kurdistan Region escalated. As a result, the Iraqi army and the Popular Crowd yesterday launched an attack on Kirkuk. With the start of the attack, Peshmerga withdrew from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan from the entire of Kirkuk province and handed over to the Popular Crowd. As the Popular Crowd forces advanced to control Kirkuk, the only forces that established the trenches and sought to defend the people were the People Defense Forces (Guerrilla)

Mutual accusations of treason

When the subject of the events of Kirkuk (the heart of Kurdistan) turned into an interview of world opinion, the two sides exchanged the KDP and the Patriotic Union accusations, and accused each other of betrayal. Each side issued official statements in this regard, recalling the Kurdish saying “was the murderer of the father, on a horse or on foot” whoever committed the treason, the result was the sale of the heart of Kurdistan. Officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by party leader Massoud al-Barzani, have broken the promise they made to the people to protect the Region and abandoned the territory of Kurdistan. Today we saw how the KDP handed over Şengal and Makhmour areas to the Popular Crowd. The Peshmerga fled again from the area and left the people of the area unprotected. The Crowd Forces that downed and insulted yesterday the flag of Kurdistan region in Kirkuk did the same thing today in Şengal. The government of Justice and Development in turn announced yesterday in an official statement its readiness to support the Iraqi army in the battle of Kirkuk against the Kurds. Which confirms the existence of a joint scheme between the government of Justice and Development and the Kurdistan Democratic Party aims to provoke a war between the Kurdish freedom movement and Popular Crowd.

The objective is to block al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor campaigns

What is happening in Kirkuk and Şengal in this particular period is not coincidental. At this stage, the Kurdish people in Rojava and the rest of the other components are making historic gains in al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. Within a few days, the IS caliphate’s capital will be liberated, full of IS mercenaries. Both the Justice and Development and the Kurdistan Democratic Party government are seeking to cover the event of the liberation of al-Raqqa and preoccupying the world opinion with the events in the Kurdistan Region. Another reason is to cover the invasion of the Turkish occupation state of the Idlib area. The Syrian regime in turn contributes to the completion of this scheme, where yesterday launched an attack against the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir ez-Zor. According to the events of the past two days it is clear that many parties participate in this scheme and the main objective of this scheme is the freedom movement.

Ocalan’s status, part of the scheme

At a time when Kurdistan is witnessing important developments, the international community has turned to al-Raqqa. The Turkish state media has raised the issue of the safety of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. The Turkish authorities do not allow the Ocalan family nor the lawyers to visit him. This plan is certainly closely linked to events in Kirkuk, Şengal, Idlib, al- Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

What is the purpose?

It is clear that a new scheme has come into force. We talked about part of the plan, but given recent developments in Kurdistan, we conclude that the Turkish state, which claimed to be against the Democratic Party referendum, released many statements against the referendum, but it is clear that the referendum was conducted with Turkish consent and approval as part of a common blueprint. Seeking through this scheme to drag Kurdistan to a major war and provoke a war between the freedom movement and the Popular Crowd and the Iraqi army.

What’s the solution?

The Kurdistan Patriotic Union is striving to enhance the efforts to hold a consultative meeting, but the KDP and its allies have not participated in these meetings and endeavors. The consultative meetings asked for the establishment of a joint Kurdish army and demanded a common Kurdish political vision.

It is certain that holding the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and thus the establishment of a joint Kurdish army would have contributed to the referendum in Başûr Kurdistan easily, and would have solved the issue of Başûr Kurdistan. As the Turkish state stepped up the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Kirkuk, Şengal and Makhmour were handed over to the Popular Crowd.

It is therefore important to hold the Kurdistan National Congress as soon as possible and realize the long-awaited dream of the Kurdish people.