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Will turned distorted fingertips into brush


AL-TABQA- “From Will, Insistence Generates” a motto was held by Zikra al-Humsy defying her disability and overwhelming the difficulties to make her distorted fingertips by diseases a painting brush which draws the most beautiful portraits.     ZIKIRA

Zikra studied in al-Tabqa city and she was one of the best. Her hobby is drawing, eloquence and delivering speeches. Zikra started drawing when she was at 12, and her portraits were offered by many exhibitions.

The first obstacle which hindered Zikra was not sickness, rather, it was the authorized male mindset that prevented her from completing her education under the pretext of being a girl who would return at the end to her husband’s house.

When Zikra was 16 years old, she was infected with an anonymous disease, and after nearly a year of suffering from arthritis, Zikra has become disabled as she has not been able to move without crutches, and her hands also got distorted.TEBQA-CIROKA-DAYIKEKE ‫(170852868)‬ ‫‬

To get rid of this sickness, Zikra moved to use some chemical drugs which worsened her situation. In addition, she has stayed at home for a whole decade.

After 10 years, Zikra suffered from severe toothache and were obliged to go for medical treatment. Moreover, one of the doctors in the city encouraged and stimulated her to go out and quit the chemical drugs and replace them by natural herbs.

Zikra said “I felt as if I have been newly born, and I stopped having cortisone and replaced it by medical herbs”.

Zikra’s situation started to improve so she visited The Cultural Center in al-Tabqa, and she is appointed in The Popular Arts Section. Moreover, she participated in 4 exhibitions in al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa as her portraits which she has drawn using pencil and charcoal were shown. In addition, the portraits included the pictures of international persona.

After this success, Zikra decided to complete her education and to get the Preparatory and Secondary certificates. Furthermore, her family prevents her from studying at Arts Faculty at Damascus University.

Furthermore, after IS mercenaries dominated al-Tabqa city, they have torn a big number of Zikra’s portraits under the pretext of being taboo.

As al-Tabqa city has been liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in May 10, Zikra started drawing again, and she is planning now for a project called “Syria is my love”.