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With his paintings, he embodied Syrians’ tragedies


AL-HASAKAH-  He began drawing at the age of 5, and he sees in his paintings the salvation to achieve peace and justice which he seeks in reality, while he embodies the tragedy Syrian people’s reality, and where the situation has led us to at our current time.HSK-HUNER-YASIR (2)

The plastic artist and former football player at al-Jazeera Club Yasser Habib from al-Azizah neighborhood in al-Hasakah, grew up in a family interested in plastic arts. He studied the primary stage in Halima al-Saadiya and al-Wihda al-Arabia Schools, while he studied the preparatory stage in Safar Zehqi School, and the secondary stage in Abi Ther al-Ghaffari, and then he went to study art in a private institute.

Sports did not stand in the way of learning the art of painting, his obsession with art and curious follow-up of the work of the artists made him adore colors and manipulating them, in addition to making a painting of them.

Habib was able to reconcile his drawings with playing football, after joining al-Jazeera Club in al-Hasakah city at the age of 14 in 1985. Habib took advantage of his chance to stay in a hotel while accompanying them to the football league so that he could follow his inspiration in drawing his paintings.

Encouraged by his father who was credited with teaching Habib painting, Habib continued to practice his hobby as he practiced drawing plastic arts and silent paintings, after he retired from al-Jazeera Club in 2000. He devoted his time to his plastic art and his drawings based on acrylics and oil painting, and he has drawn 80 paintings till now.

Habib participated in about 40 exhibitions including the individual and group exhibitions such as al-Khabour exhibition at the Cultural Center in al-Hasakah in 1988, in Damascus and Lebanon in the “Glass Hall” in 1994.

The artist Habib considered that the most exhibitions that had a special impact in himself is the exhibition of theater festival and plastic art, with the participation of 50 Syrian artists in 2006, through which the Ministry of Culture acquired a painting of him.

The artist Yasser Habib explained that he connects his art to reality, in an interview conducted by the Hawar news agency with him. Habib added, “Every painting has an issue. I try to convey the message of the dissolution of the society and its destruction during the crisis in Syria away from politics.”

Habib pointed out that culture is the basis of every art, so he spends his free time in attending the seminars and poetry evenings, in addition to conducting researches at his field.

At the end of the meeting, the plastic artist Yasser Habib thanked the people who had an artistic role in his artistic life and who supported him at the beginning of his artistic and sport career.