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“Women in Afrin gave us a lesson in resistance and steadfastness”


AFRIN- The delegation of the Kurdistan Women’s Union said that Afrin’s women gave the world’s women a lesson in resistance and steadfastness, while the delegation denounced the international silence about the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army against the people of Afrin, by issuing a statement.

The delegation of the Kurdistan Women’s Union, which is composed of 7 women’s organizations from four parts of Kurdistan, visited the Afrin canton and issued a statement to the public in front of the Executive Council’s headquarter in Afrin canton.

The statement was read by a member of the Kurdistan Women’s Free Organization; Najeeba Omar.

The statement said:

“On behalf of the delegation of the Kurdistan Women’s Union and all women in the four parts of Kurdistan, we came to support the people of Afrin and to stand by them and to sanctify their resistance and heroism, and we bow down to the greatness of the martyrs of freedom.

The resistance of the people of Afrin, especially youth and women’s, has entered its forty-second day before the attempts of the Turkish state to occupy the region with the support of NATO, and it is carrying out the barbaric attack on the safe people in Afrin and targeting the safe children and women and the forced displacement of the people from their villages to the international silence. In the delegation of the Federation of Free Kurdistan Women, we condemn and denounce the international silence in front of these massacres committed against civilians and that their silence indicates their disrespect for the lives that are lost in Afrin.

The countries that claim humanity and democracy stand idly by in front of these massacres. Their silence indicates their approval and their blessing for these violations carried out by the Turkish army against the people of Afrin.

We are aware that the people of Rojava Kurdistan resist and provide martyrs in defense of their land since 2012 and now sometimes fights against the organization Daesh and sometimes in front of the Turkish occupation army, with the help of the same barbarism while it is confronted by the resistance shown by the people in Afrin to repel them.

We can call the resistance a revolution of the Middle East led by women and young people who have revolutionized and organized themselves democratically among all components and communities of the region, represented the will of the people and became a model of management and democracy and freedom for all peoples in the Middle East.

That is why the fascist countries do not accept the existence of such a project on the land of the Middle East, because it threatens its existence and interests, but the people in Rojava provided many martyrs to maintain their project, and will not allow anyone to touch the democratic project.

Because women are the ones who pay the biggest bill in the revolutions. This is why we, as women from all four parts of Kurdistan, are going to stand by our people in Afrin and we will not abandon them, and our hearts are beating in Afrin.

We have come to Afrin to support the people of Afrin and raise their morale, but we have seen that the people morale is high, and it was confirmed when we participated in the ceremony of the martyrs and we saw with our eyes that the mothers are chanting on the shrines of their children, and that dignity and honor is the land, and this is not happening in Lenin Grad and Stalin Grad, here on the land of Afrin women steadfastness was recorded by their resistance.

The revolution of women in Afrin represents the revolution of March 8 resistance of free women in front of male mentality, and gave lessons on resistance and confrontation and clinging to the ground.

We saw the wounded fighters of YPG, YPJ and how their morale is high, and do not care about the pain of their wounds while waiting for their wounds to heal to return to the fronts of fighting and stand by their comrades, and this is what followed in our hearts of pride, and make sure that victory is achieved.

The woman in Afrin gave us and gave all the women a lesson in the resistance and said that if you want to be free, learn steadfastness and resistance until victory is achieved.

And we in a delegation representing all the Kurdish women in the four parts of Kurdistan, and from different religions bless and sanctify the resistance and steadfastness shown by the people in Afrin and women in particular in front of barbaric attacks by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries.