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Women’s nightmare ended, they merged in a rightful life



ALEPPO-A full year after liberation, Sheikh Maksoud woman was able to prove herself and have a strict personality of a free woman. She was liberated by the Women’s Protection Units organized by Kongra Star until she reached the stage of getting rid of the constraints of a rigid society of religion and masculine authority.HLB-RAPORA-REZGARKIRINA-TAXIN-ROJHELATE-HELEB-ROLA-JINE-LI-WAN-TAXANAN (12)

Where women have suffered under the control of mercenaries for 6 consecutive years. Some of them were killed, raped and sold in return for a pack of bread or a pack of cigarettes and was forced to work for mercenaries and their captors, and with all that they had passed but they did not succumb to the difficult circumstances of life and challenged the painful reality and waited for a dream liberation to be achieved and the sun shone again in their regions to rid themselves of the nightmare that accompanied them and merged in a life that preserves their rights and put their own implement in all areas of life.

In this file, we present to you the role of women in the eastern neighborhoods, one year after being liberated by the fighters the People and Women Protection Units, the developments and accomplishments achieved throughout the year. We will not forget that women played the most important role, the barrier of customs and traditions forced to coexist with them.HLB-RAPORA-REZGARKIRINA-TAXIN-ROJHELATE-HELEB-ROLA-JINE-LI-WAN-TAXANAN (8)

A painful reality imposes itself on women until the opportunity of liberation comes

The liberation eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo by People and Women Protection Units in November 28, 2016 has brought life back to 8 neighborhoods that have survived a terrible nightmare accompanied by 6 consecutive years, humiliating and insulting every woman living in those neighborhoods. The women of Eastern Aleppo lived in hell for the first two times because they belong to an Eastern society that ignores the presence of women. The second is that they refused to be the target of mercenaries whose first and last purpose was to make women their slaves.

Liberation of those neighborhoods saved women from a meaningless life and led them to a life in which they established themselves and had the same rights as any individual in the society. There was nothing missing from anyone. A whole year of liberation was worthy of every woman seeking to put her own imprint and be strict with a strong personality.

And in order to raise awareness and contribute as much as possible to help her and to be an active member of society and play her leading role, Kongra Star initiated opening associations in Aleppo thus becoming a shelter for every woman of different sects and religions.

Since the beginning of the liberation of the eastern neighborhoods, Kongra Star has been able to reach the majority of women in the eight neighborhoods and has worked in full swing to free every woman from the constraints of masculine and authoritarian mindset and organize them through permanent discussions with them. And to train and nourish their thought by identifying the reality of women and how they should be, and for this reason one of our first goals was to get women out of the fear into the life of light.

More than 945 problems solved for eastern neighborhoods women

Because of the fact that living in an eastern society that ignores the existence of women within it, ignores its role and is religiously rigid, women’s suffering has increased. The only way to find a solution is to go frequently to women’s centers. Fatima Hassan said “We received a great demand by women for women’s ties, Kongra Star will be able to find a solution to their problems and within a year after liberation we could solve 945 problems, if most of the problems that are posed to us are because of marital differences and beating of women by her family and multiple marriages and prevent them from leaving the house and make them just a maid to raise children and clean the house.

Women after liberation no longer resemble women before liberation

During the year of liberation of the eastern neighborhoods, women played an important role in all areas of life after training in women’s associations for training and awareness, where they were able to prove their strong personality and defend their rights. For the social aspect, women worked in all social domains and proved themselves in the joint councils and had its own opinion before the entire society.