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Youth al-Shahba are ready to stand up to the Turkish occupation

AL-SHABBA – The people of al-Shabba canton support for standing by the people of Afrin against the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, and pointed out that the Turkish bombardment will not undermine the resolve of the Syrian people, especially Afrin, during a statement.

Today, the children of al-Shabba canton issued a statement in front of the” Martyr Yusuf Idris” school in Kafr Naia district of belonging to al-Shabba about the attacks of the Turkish army on Afrin.

The statement was read out by a member of the Arab Democratic Youth Movement, Mahmoud Mahmoud, and said in the statement: “We as the children of al- Shabba canton support the resistance of the people of Afrin before the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, that Turkey haphazard shelling on Afrin and al-Shabba and we will resist and defend our land and our offer of Turkish occupation.

No matter how heavy the shelling and the flight of unarmed civilians, we heart and mold with the people of Afrin and steadfast in the face of the brutal Turkish occupation.

As a Syrian people Co-existence, we do not allow occupation to occupy our land. We are the owners of this land. We have not given up our land to any aggression to enter our land.

We are not afraid of death in our defense of our land and our homeland, and we are not afraid of the Turkish bombardment and its flight. The cemetery of the Turkish army will be in Afrin.

We support our people in Afrin and are fully  ready to go to the front lines to repel the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin.