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Youth and Sports Committee opens literacy course in al- Tabqa

AL_TABQA –The Democratic Civil Administration in al- Tbaq area have been opened literacy course fro women in rural al-Taqqa by youth and sports commission .

Through this course, the Committee seeks to eradicate illiteracy among women, with the societies that are predominantly male in which women are exposed to the denial of the right to learn on the grounds that “women are the home of their husbands” and in this way of thinking prevents many women from attending schools .

15 women of different age have joined to this course in order to learn the basic principles of reading, writing and simple mathematical arithmetic such as multiplication, division

The course is held at the Ayed Saghir school south of al- Tabqa city at a rate of two days a week and is expected to last for almost two months.

The teacher Jahar al- Ali has explained that the participants in the course have the ability to learn and improve quickly