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 Youth Kobani  revolt for Afrin

KOBANI- Hundreds of young people in Kobani canton in region  Euphrates against the bombing of the Turkish occupation of the region of Afrin under the slogan “to resist Afrin revolt “KOB-MESA-CIWENEN-JI-BO-EFRINE (3)

Rojava and the Young Women’s Union organized a demonstration in  Kobani canton on Monday  in with the participation of hundreds of young people to denounce the bombing of the Turkish occupation of Afrin after the youth gathering at the Women’s Free Square on Martyr “Saraya Ozkur” Street, holding banners reading “Revolt ” and picture to the leader  Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan ” demonstration  was launched by chanting slogans saying ” No to the Turkish Occupation ,” “No to the Turkish occupation,” “Afrin is not lonly “

The demonstratio , in which young men marched through the streets of Azadi, reached the tent set up by the youth union of Rojava and the young woman to demand the health of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocelan, in the context of a campaign that rose in the square of martyr Akeid, They set fire to the name of leader “Abo”and Revolt in the Kurdish language

After that, the administrative of the youth Rojava Haroun Abui recalled all the martyrs who were martyred in Afrin as a result of the bombing of the Turkish occupation of the Afrin region. “Previously there was an epic and Kobani legend, and a few days ago the epic and legend of Afrin, which was written by the children Abo with their blood –

“The fighters who believe in the leader of Abo,  Kobani canton have also made the cemetery of “Da’ash” the whole world. They are children of Afrin, who took up arms and wrote heroic epicsKOB-MESA-CIWENEN-JI-BO-EFRINE (4)

Haroun Abui appealed to all young men and women to join and participate in the resistance of Afrin. He pointed out that the clashes would not stop in Afrin but would go towards Urfa, Ankara, Mardin and Enteb in Turkish areas.

The demonstration ended with the slogan ” Revolt , Revolt   and  Revolt to resist Afrin